Always with you, even in the sun

Because sunglasses are more than an accessory, ZEISS Sunlens is here to make them outstanding.

ZEISS strives to improve everyday life. This also means to offer top sun lenses for non-prescription users.
Such lenses can be found on several sunglasses brands, whether we talk about fashion, design or sport sunglasses and snow goggles.
Not all sunglass lenses are the same, in terms of protection, optics, durability and looks. ZEISS Sunlens makes sure you get all the best features a tinted lens can offer through partnerships with frames and sunglasses producers worldwide.
Look for the Z on your next pair of sunglasses!

The best sunglasses for sports

What kind of challenges do athletes face when performing their favourite sport?

How sunglasses are made

What steps are included in the making of sunglasses? Learn what kind of materials are used to make sunglasses and how designers bring life to their ideas.

Lifestyle + Fashion 3 Jul 2018

Tags: Sunglasses

Are you wearing sunglasses certified by ZEISS’ laboratory?

Find out if your sunglass model is equipped with original ZEISS lenses and passes the ZEISS Optical Certification test.

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