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Many people who spend most of their working day in front of a computer complain of neck, back or shoulder pain. They often have to devote their full attention to their screen for many hours on end. In the evening when they get home after work, sometimes even during the course of the working day, they notice the result: muscle strain in their neck, back or shoulders. One of the reasons may well be that they are wearing the wrong spectacles. The remedy could be computer glasses that are precisely tailored to the needs of computer work.

Reading or progressive lenses are not the ideal solution: Computer glasses can provide more visual comfort not only for computer work itself, but also at other types of workstations and for leisure activities requiring a high level of concentration.

Spectacles for pilots – perfect vision even above the clouds

Whether professional or amateur, pilots need spectacles that allow them to see clearly, even in extreme lighting and weather conditions.

Spectacles for managers – top quality lenses and frames with great customised visual comfort

Respectability, elegance and maximum functionality – spectacles for people in managerial positions have a lot to live up to.

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