Eye-catching sunglasses with expert protection for your eyes

A look at some of the coolest new colours

Summertime = sunglasses time! We've taken a look behind the scenes at this year's coolest colours: BETTER VISION rounds up the latest trends in sunglasses, ZEISS sun protection lenses, innovative self-tinting lenses – plus the exciting new ZEISS colour program for tinted lenses.

Expert protection for your eyes. With eye-catching sunglass lenses.

Large round shapes, striking neon colours and tinted lenses in every shade imaginable – these are just some of the hottest trends in sunglasses for the summer of 2013! And the hottest trend of all? Sunglass lenses with customized tints in subtle shades that are designed to improve the wearer's visual comfort, lift their spirits and create a unique, fashionable style. The ZEISS colour program offers multiple options ranging from fun colours such as "Spicy red" and "Pretty pink" to more elegant, high-end choices such as "Black tint," which offers up to 95 per cent light absorption and a series of different absorption levels designed to reflect contemporary styles. But what if you can't find the colour you want in the catalogue? No problem! Your ZEISS optician can produce sunglass lenses in just about any shade imaginable. Simply show your optician a sample and you could walk away with a truly one-of-a-kind pair of sunglasses – after all, why shouldn't they be fun as well as functional? And remember: If you wear glasses, you can also have sunglass lenses made to your personal prescription – just ask your ZEISS optician.

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The most stylish frames for sunglasses

The comeback of the iconic, round 'John Lennon' sunglasses is one of the biggest stories this year, though they are a bit more embellished than the originals. Available in a range of striking colours and with tinted or mirrored lenses, these updated versions are a far cry from those of "yesteryear." Cat eye sunglasses from the 1950s and 1960s are also back in vogue. offering the perfect match for retro fitted dresses and flared skirts and breathing some of Grace Kelly's legendary elegance back into today's styles, Aviator sunglasses are back in fashion too. This classic design goes with virtually any outfit and is also available for men in cleaner-edged designs and cool high-tech materials such as titanium and carbon. And more adventurous wearers and die-hard hippies won't be disappointed either: sumptuous flourishes, decorations and appliqué – including rhinestones, miniature sunflowers, pearls and scallop shells – will be in evidence on many frames and lenses this summer.

From dark to darker – smart sunglass lenses that adapt automatically to changing light conditions.
What´s your favourite colour and style?

Quality sunglass lenses offer more than just UV protection

Professional sunglasses do more than just protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation. By incorporating lenses with special functional filters that are individually tailored to the wearer, they can significantly improve overall vision in bright sunlight, for example by reducing glare or enhancing contrast. See more, see better – and not just for sports activities such as skiing, cycling and motorcycling. With ZEISS sun protection lenses there's no need to turn a blind eye to quality even under the most extreme light conditions: ZEISS Skylet® sun protection lenses ensure perfect vision even in the brightest sunlight, as well as providing 100 per cent UV protection and superior contrast compared to conventional sunglasses. Your ZEISS optician can recommend the best model for each specific application – for example Skylet® fun for hazy, misty weather with poor visibility, or Skylet® sport with 90 per cent light reduction for dazzling sunshine and glare. For truly outstanding visual comfort, this variant can be combined with an integrated polarization filter. Polarizing lenses reduce the irritating glare caused by the sun's reflection off water and metallic surfaces, enabling the wearer to enjoy comfortable, relaxed vision. Your optician will be happy to provide more information on the many available options.

Perfect protection and optimum vision: innovative self-tinting lenses from ZEISS

Fed up with carrying two pairs of glasses with you everywhere you go? If you wear prescription lenses and frequently move between indoor and outdoor situations in normal sunlight conditions, then you might benefit from switching to an alternative sun protection solution in the form of modern self-tinting lenses such as ZEISS PhotoFusion X. They react faster to changing light than previous generations of self-tinting lenses, adapting to their darkest tint in sunshine and quickly becoming almost completely clear when you return indoors. They also guarantee 100 per cent UV protection at all tint levels and offer exactly the same high standards of optical quality. ZEISS PhotoFusion X self-tinting lenses are available on request in grey and brown lens colours and perfectly compliment the stylish frame designs that people in the know will be wearing this summer!

Your sunglasses protect you – but do you protect them?

We use our sunglasses at the beach, on holiday and on the sports field, exposing them to all sorts of environmental wear and tear. If you want to keep a pair of sunglasses for life, experts recommend that you protect the lenses by choosing an appropriate lens coating to protect them from scratches and other types of damage – for example DuraVision® Platinum from ZEISS. This coating makes plastic lenses up to three times harder than previous generations. Extremely resistant to dirt and wear, highly robust and non-reflective, DuraVision® Platinum is the perfect complement to any sun protection solution.

How do I find the right sunglasses for me?

There are plenty of things to remember when buying sunglasses, but the most important rule of thumb is probably this: the fairer your complexion, the more you should consider subtler colours for the frame and lenses. In other words, bright tones do not go well with light-coloured skin because they make it seem very pale in comparison. For "normal" fair complexions, experts therefore recommend choosing a white frame or a similarly discreet colour, or even a subtle, graduated tint. Darker skin tones have the advantage that they can be combined with almost any colour. Strong, eye-catching colours form a striking contrast to darker complexions and are therefore an excellent choice for sunglass lenses and frames. The frame shape of the sunglasses you choose is also very important. Perhaps the most useful rule of thumb here is that a slender face will benefit most from a slender frame, or alternatively – if you are looking for something more eye-catching – a thicker frame with gaps towards the middle, in the style of aviator sunglasses. This ensures that the sunglasses form a harmonious unit with your face rather than dominating it completely.

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