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ZEISS presents the new collection of ski and snowboard goggles

ZEISS presents the new collection of ski and snowboard goggles

As any skier or snowboarder snows, ski goggles are a must for negotiating the piste. To meet this need ZEISS has developed a new collection of ski goggles featuring a light and super-flexible design, attractive new styles, maximum customisation and SONAR technology to cope with any light conditions, from intense reflections to dawn haze.

Perfect protection against UV rays

Sunlight is much more intense in the mountains because of reflections off snow. ZEISS ski and snowboard goggles have been designed to protect the eyes from reflection, wind and above all ultraviolet rays, which are more aggressive than usual because of the high altitude and the reflections off snow. ZEISS guarantees total protection against UVA and UVB rays up to 380 nanometres.

The ZEISS collection – performance and style

ZEISS ski and snowboard goggles can satisfy all style and performance requirements of winter sport fans. The new collection consists of 9 interchangeable models subdivided by characteristics into three groups: Combo, Duo and Mono.

  • The Combo models feature an attractive design, fluorescent colours and maximum customisation options. With the Combo goggles, in addition to the spare lens, the wearer will receive an additional elastic headband and a draught excluder so that they can match its colour to their own style to different light conditions.
  • The Duo models, which include a spare lens, offer a wide choice of fashionable colours and details to satisfy both male and female tastes, for which the elegant and fashionable pink and gold camouflage goggles have been designed.
  • The Mono models, ideal for extreme brightness, offer goggles with a single lens for a total black and white look.

In addition there are 3 cylindrical models, 2 goggle models available for men, 4 for women and 4 for teenagers and children. The new cylindrical model offers a range of vibrant stylish mirrors for bright conditions. The model features an attractive design and is composed of:

  • A matte white frame
  • A cylindrical goggle lens for a “total lens” look
  • A soft face foam
  • A new strap style with ZEISS wording embossing in the strap and ZEISS white glossy wordmark.

SONAR technology by ZEISS

No skier, whether a beginner or a professional, would ever want to forgo the excitement of descent because of poor visibility or bad weather. Precisely for this reason, ZEISS has created and patented SONAR colour technology, which increases contrast, making it easier to identify unevenness and obstacles in the snow. This allows the skier to react to danger more quickly and safely without impairing their performance, even on foggy and snowy days.

The SONAR lens is offered on the majority of interchangeable models as an additional lens for conditions of reduced luminosity, and on two models as a main mirror lens.

No more condensation

Skiers’ eyes get very tired when their goggles keep misting up. For this reason all lenses for ZEISS ski and snowboard goggles have an internal coating designed to eliminate this annoying problem in standard weather conditions. In the event of high humidity or extreme drops in temperature, the treatment is less effective.

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Note on maintenance and cleaning:

Simply clean ZEISS ski and snowboard goggles with lukewarm water; if they are very dirty use a neutral detergent. Then rinse them quickly and leave them to dry. Do not use organic solvents to clean the goggles. ATTENTION: do not dry the inside of the lenses with a cloth or rub them excessively. This will avoid damaging the anti-fog coating and help prevent surface scratching. Do not clean the ski or snowboard goggles with a moist wipe!

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