The ZEISS quality promise

Learn how our high standards can affect your vision every day

Spectacle wearers will experience the ZEISS quality and features of ophthalmic lenses in many situations on a daily basis. But how can we prove the quality of our lenses, and how do our tests affect your daily life?

Watch the video to see how the international network of ZEISS Vision Group Test Centers keep the ZEISS quality promise consistent, and also see how certain tests performed at the laboratory can support your vision from day to day.

To guarantee and maintain a high-quality standard, it is very important for us to monitor and continuously improve ZEISS product properties and all aspects of ZEISS production processes. That’s why quality tests are essential, not only for the manufacturing process, but also for research and development purposes. With the unique and integrated test portfolio, we deliver an extensive range of testing, covering all important industry requirements. The ZEISS Vision Care Group Test Centers are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards, promoting a well-structured, regulated, internal process landscape, and more importantly, delivering reliable test results. This is how we maintain our promise of outstanding quality to you.

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The ZEISS quality promise

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