Eye Care Support

Spectacles for Ukrainian refugees

This support initiative will end on 1st June 2022.
Since February 2022, ZEISS Vision Care, together with opticians and partners, has been able to help more than 80,000 people who had to flee the war in Ukraine with basic eye care. Many thanks to all who have supported "Augenoptik hilft direkt"!

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From 1 June 2022, aid and social benefits for refugees from Ukraine in need of assistance will no longer be provided under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act, but under the regular Social Security Act. Students who had to flee from the war in Ukraine can receive “Bafög”. And for war refugees from Ukraine, there is support for integration into the labour market; here, the job centres are the central point of contact.
This changes the conditions and we will therefore not continue the campaign in this form.
ZEISS will continue to help people who are suffering from the war and its consequences in Ukraine or on the run by offering work and training opportunities, accommodation, financial support and more.
Thank you for your understanding!