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  • Introduction

    Freeform Solutions

    As a global company with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, we can meet your business needs with flexible and sophisticated solutions.

    ZEISS is a pioneer in the development of freeform technology with proven and flexible lens design portfolios readily available. Using existing lens designs, you can vary the customisation and calculation parameters – or we can assist with designing your own range of freeform lens designs.


  • Freeform Lens Design

    Freeform Lens Design

    As a pioneer in the development of the first individualised back surface progressive lens design, ZEISS offers a comprehensive portfolio of sophisticated lens designs. Proven and flexible lens design portfolios are readily available with different layers of customisation.

    Drawing on over 100 years of precision optics and extensive vision research, ZEISS continues to innovate with new lens designs and product solutions tailored to your needs. As an alternative to existing designs, ZEISS can work with you to create an exclusive design portfolio.

    Using ZEISS proprietary technology and design tools, the Morphing Engine, Modular Customisation and Calculation Interface allows any combination of design features for your product portfolio and positioning requirements.

  • Proprietary Technology

    Proprietary Technology

    Morphing Engine
    The power of the morphing approach is the ability to independently vary each individual lens design parameter or combination of parameters in predefined ways. This continuous variation of parameters such as corridor length, distance zone width, near zone width, inset, object distances and periphery delivers expansive design flexibility to meet every portfolio need.

    Modular Customisation

    The modular approach to customisation allows maximum flexibility to turn features on or off at will. Parameters such as Rx optical optimisation, position of wear, frame customisation and other individual parameter customisation can be configured according to product portfolio needs - ensuring full performance and price coverage.

    Calculation Interface
    The calculation interface integrates the lens design, modular customisation for each individual prescription, and individual wearer parameters to calculate the optimised lens design and cosmetic appearance.

  • Parameters


    Using a combination of the morphing engine, modular customisation and calculation interface, any type of lens design (Progressive, Single Vision, Office, Wrap, Specialty) can be configured for different performance and price options.

    Customisation Parameters Explained

    Lifestyle & Occupation: Customisation of viewing zones and geometry to suit your customer’s individual lifestyle needs and/or occupational requirements.

    Adaptive Frame Technology: On demand adaptation of near reference point placement for perfect fit into specialty frame shapes.
    Variable Corridor (V): On demand adaptation of corridor length for perfect fit into chosen frame and easy adaption.

    Position Of Wear (POW): Optimisation for the individual back vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and lens wrap angle.

    Rx Optical Optimisation (HD): Optimisation for the individual combination of prescription and lens design.

    Freeform Technology (FF): Patented backside digital surfacing ensures design integrity and perfect alignment of design and prescription.

  • Portfolio


    Any type of lens design (Progressive, Single Vision, Office, Wrap, Specialty) can be configured for different performance and price options.

  • Pucks
    Freeform Qualified Pucks

    Freeform Qualified Pucks

    Manufactured to ZEISS standards, our high quality pucks are available in an extensive range of materials (RI 1.49 to 1.74) and treatments (clear, polarized, photochromic). Providing a wide base curve selection, all pucks from ZEISS deliver dimensional stability, material purity, and are a fundamental element in delivering precision optics on the finished lenses.