Freeform Technologies

Flexible Lens Design Solutions

With ZEISS Customer Enablement.

Optimised Back-Surface Progressive Lens Invention

In 1996, Dr. Albrecht Hof and Adalbert Hanssen invented a new way of making progressive lenses, customised for each patient’s prescription, with all of the progressive optics on the back surface. This innovation has revolutionised the optical industry and changed the way lenses are made today.

Freeform Lens Design

Calculation Interface

Calculation Interface

Our patented software linking each customer to their personalised designs.

Morphing Engine

Morphing Engine

Precise variation of parameters to alter the base design:

  • Corridor length
  • Distance & near zone widths
  • Object distance & periphery

Modular Customization

Modular Customization

Switching specific features on or off on demand:

  • Rx Compensation
  • Position of Wear
  • Custom Engravings

By combining expertise and innovation, our lens design morphing technology allows us to customise any combination of design features, to create exceptional visual experiences.

  • A robust catalogue of starting design fingerprints 
  • Freeform progressive, office, digital device, wrap, speciality and SV designs
  • Create unique products, tailored specifically to your customers’ needs
  • Produce your own products with confidence and quality 
  • Various click fee models available


Manufactured to the highest standards, we supply pucks, available in a wide range of materials and are a fundamental element in delivering quality freeform designs.
  • Material availability in 1.49 – 1.74 RI
  • Treatments include Clear, Polarized & Photochromic
  • Delivering dimensional stability & material purity


Configure your design (Progressive, Single Vision, Office, Wrap, Specialty) for optimal performance and purpose.


Lifestyle & Occupation:
Customisation of viewing zones and geometry to suit your customer’s individual lifestyle needs and/or occupational requirements.

Adaptive Frame Technology:
On demand adaptation of near reference point placement for perfect fit into specialty frame shapes.

Variable Corridor (V):
Automatic adaptation of corridor length for perfect fit into chosen frame with easy adaption.

Position of Wear (HDC):
Optimisation for each patients actual measured back vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and lens wrap angle.

Rx Optical Optimisation (HD):
Optimisation for each combination of prescription and lens design using default Position of Wear values.

Freeform Technology (FF):
Patented backside digital surfacing ensures design integrity and perfect alignment of design and prescription.

More than a freeform design provider, we can enable your lab with a full line of Anti-Reflective coatings.