Training & Quality Services

Ongoing support programs for improved lab performance

With ZEISS Customer Enablement.

Drive greater efficiencies, increased profitability and customer satisfaction with our series of training and quality service modules. Our ongoing technical support programs are specifically designed to generate efficient and stable laboratory process, ensuring future sustainable success.

Operator Training & Education

Operator Training & Education

Educate your team with our specialist range of training and support materials - available electronically or face to face.

  • Freeform process training
  • Coatings process training
  • Quality systems training
  • Lab Trouble-shooting
Product Auditing

Product Auditing

Ensure your laboratory is producing to the highest level through a tailored product quality auditing program.

  • Ensure confidence in design and coating quality and consistency
  • Define areas of process improvement
  • Production quality has a direct impact on customer satisfaction
Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence

Efficient and stable laboratory processes are critical to a smooth and successful operation. Aiming for overall operations excellence, our experts can work directly with your business to:

  • Conduct laboratory performance audits
  • Implement a customized, continuous improvement plan
  • Using LEAN and six sigma techniques
Quality Systems

Quality Systems

Implement international ISO standards, ensuring your products and services comply with applicable standards.

  • Support your ISO 9001 certification plans
  • Develop a tailored quality management system
  • Build robust KPIs to track your business
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