Lenses with i.Scription® technology

Even more clarity, contrast and brilliance for your eyes.

"I'm as blind as a bat at night." Many say this without really thinking. At night, dawn or dusk many people do not see as well as during the day due to their dilated pupils. However, traditional subjective refraction is usually performed in bright light with the pupils contracted. Only the objective refraction enabled by the wavefront technology of the ZEISS i.Profiler®plus can also measure visual performance with dilated pupils. This allows the optician to analyse the profile of each individual eye and order lenses featuring ZEISS i.Scription® technology for you. These can not only improve poor night and twilight vision, but they can also increase the contrast and clarity of your vision in the daylight.

How you benefit

The new generation of lens optimisation

  • The use of wavefront technology makes it possible to measure all your eyes aberrations (also the so called "high-order aberrations") responsible for lower visual performance in bad light conditions.
  • If required, optimised lenses with special properties for vision in a low-contrast environment, e.g. at night, dawn or dusk, can be designed and produced.
  • The result: enhanced contrast and outstanding depth of field.
  • Added safety in unfavourable light is a further possibility.

Innovative technology for better night and twilight vision

Night and twilight vision presents our eyes with a special challenge. Driving at night confronts our eyes with more glare, such as from oncoming traffic. Many people have great difficulty driving at night.

Did you know that your visual performance may be different when driving with dilated pupils at night? Objective refraction can measure your visual performance at night, allowing your eyes to be optimised using i.Scription technology.

A lens optimised with i.Scription® can improve your night vision

How you see with traditional lenses How you see with i.Scription®
How you see with traditional lenses
How you see with i.Scription®

Hand in hand: i.Profiler®plus and i.Scription® from ZEISS

Subjective refraction, the procedure performed by your optician to determine your prescription, is generally conducted in daylight. Patients must play an active role and describe what they see with the various test lenses. Their pupils are contracted due to the daylight conditions. In other words, only the patient's daytime vision is taken into account in the measurement.

However, the measurement performed with the i.Profilerplus is objective. The patient just looks into the measuring system for a very short time. In a matter of seconds, the wavefront technology analyses 1,500 measuring points and maps the retinas of the two eyes. This enables the optician to analyse your vision potential at night with dilated pupils.

The 1,500 individual measurements are incorporated in the production of the lens along with the values measured during subjective refraction. Individualised lenses featuring i.Scription technology can then be produced that can considerably improve not only night vision but also the perception of contrast and colour.

Objective refraction with the i.Profiler
Objective refraction with the i.Profiler
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