Stimulate your senses

BioChrom™ tinted sun lenses by ZEISS

Stimulate your senses

BioChrom™ tinted sun lenses by ZEISS

BioChrom™ is a new plano sun lens concept developed by ZEISS that is introducing a new dimension of eyewear. Color becomes a performance technology that goes beyond vision and it can enhance how you feel.

BioChrom™ is the result of thorough studies in vision and neurosciences which are translated into a new generation of tinted sun lenses with a specific biological response.

Color has a strong influence on our vision, it allows us to recognize objects and facilitates our visual memory. Scientific evidence suggests that color has also a deeper effect that goes beyond vision, as it is connected to how we feel. In the eyewear market, tinted sun lenses are normally used to filter the harmful effects of sun light, enhance contrasts and offer better vision.

Besides protection and performance, ZEISS researches demonstrate that people want to feel good with sunglasses as well, whether they want to relax, get energized or improve their look.

With BioChrom™, a new dimension of eyewear is possible: a new technology that offers protection but also can positively impact your mood, performance and wellbeing.

ZEISS has created BioChrom™, a generation of tinted plano lenses that goes beyond vision, where color doesn’t only affect how we see, but also how we feel. BioChrom™ is a different way of thinking about eyewear: it is a fresh concept that explores the full power of the color spectrum and research in vision and neurosciences.

Colored lenses have become a performance technology that can enhance:

Your mood and emotions
Your brain activity
Your physiological performance

BioChrom™ is the result of thorough studies in vision science and neurosciences to demonstrate the effects of colors and tinted lenses on vision and neurophysiological response.

The study was done in collaboration with two institutes:

  • ZEISS Vision Science Lab, a research workgroup located in the Institute for Ophthalmic Research of the University of Tübingen, Germany.
  • Behavior and BrainLab, the neuromarketing and consumer behavior research center of IULM University, Milan, Italy.

ZEISS Insights about color and vision science and neuroscientific and psychophysiological studies suggest following biological effects:

ZEISS Vision Science Lab at

Main benefits of BioChrom™ Refresh Blue plano tinted lenses:

  • Wakes up your mind and your body after a calm situation
  • Revitalizes and recovers your mind and your body after an intense activity
  • Delivers a sense of freshness

Main benefits of BioChrom™ Relax Green plano tinted lenses:

  • Relaxes your mind and body when you have to face a stressful situation
  • Reduces head stress
  • Enhances creativity

Main benefits of BioChrom™ Focus Yellow plano tinted lenses:

  • Strengthens attention and focus
  • Improves response time
  • Increases speed of reading

Main benefits of BioChrom™ Boost Red plano tinted lenses:

  • Pumps up your mind and your body for a challenging situation
  • Enhances your strengths and improves your performances
  • Delivers a sense of excitement and increases emotional response

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