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ZEISS Sunlens Originals

Living the vintage side of sunglasses

ZEISS Sunlens Originals

ZEISS introduced its first eyeglass lenses in 1912. Building on the optical expertise of the company, the Punktal® lens made it possible to see with high visual acuity and enjoy unrivaled wellbeing.

Since then, ZEISS has kept innovating in various sectors while always maintaining the same attention to detail and technique. Inspired by ZEISS' centennial history in lens crafting and by American Optical’s (AO) heritage, the ZEISS Originals collection offers a new edition of these authentic sunglass lens tints.

You can enjoy the craftsmanship of yesterday complemented by today’s innovations and technology.

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Novelty tints

These tints date back to 1912 and were found in the archives of the Optical Heritage Museum in Southbridge (Massachussets).

They were reworked in order to ensure full protection and safety while also meeting modern wearer’s needs. This includes UV 400 and suitability for driving according to current international standards. Today these tints are available in lightweight, clear and safe materials.

Functional tints

The demand for sun protection eyewear resulted from three trends that had become increasingly established at the start of the 20th century: the growing popularity of leisure sports, the rising interest in motorcycles and automobiles, and an increase in health awareness.

Sunglass eyewear from ZEISS guaranteed better visibility even in strong sunlight and protected against eye disorders such as snow blindness and conjunctivitis.

Originals Brown, Green and Grey are also available in polarized and gradient version.

Originals Brown

The grayish-brown tint of the lenses reduced incident light so that the “enjoyment of natural beauty” was not hindered and differences in brightness and colors were not impaired.

Originals Green

The sage green tint was meant to be a cooling eye lens, which helped prevent eye strain. It also offered vividness and sharp definition of low contrast objects.

Where to find Originals lenses

Massada Eyewear

Intellectual independent European art eyewear brand with a deep curiosity and consideration for the world.

Massada luxury sunglasses come with ZEISS Originals Edition 1912 flat tint lenses, coated with the distinctive red antireflective.

Living the vintage side of sunglasses!

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