A young man with black hair wearing ZEISS SmartLife lenses; he is smiling and reaching with his hand through the screen.

ZEISS SmartLife lenses

Your go-to lens portfolio for a digitally-immersive world.

The best complete lens portfolio by ZEISS, designed for dynamic visual behavior. SmartLife® lenses are innovative, modern products catering to the visual needs of wearers as young as 6 years and older. The latest and best ZEISS technology combined with your service and expertise will give your patients a whole new vision experience and create loyalty.

  • Gives all-day visual comfort for dynamic visual behavior
  • Designed for a digitally-immersive lifestyle
  • Lens designs adapt to changes in vision as wearers age

Why did ZEISS develop the SmartLife lens portfolio?

It's the answer to a changing lifestyle.
  • > 50%

    More than half of the world's population now carries a portable digital device.2

  • 55+ years

    People aged 55+ years represent the largest current smartphone penetration growth rates.2

  • 60%

    of children under the age of 5 years are already starting to engage with smartphones.3

Young man wearing ZEISS SmartLife lenses looking at his phone while walking.
Young man wearing ZEISS SmartLife lenses looking at his phone while walking.

Your patients’ lifestyle and visual behavior have changed.

Life today is fast-paced, and your patients are constantly connected to people, information and things, both online and off. They tend to have their eyes glued to digital devices even when they are on the move. And yet, life is about more than just screens. Constantly switching between multiple digital devices and physical surroundings can be challenging for the eyes and may lead to uncomfortable vision or eye strain. This can make even ordinary tasks feel harder, or worse: they can let life's details go unnoticed. Good, comfortable vision is crucial for taking on each day, confident and aware. All your patients   – from young kids and teens to seniors  – need not only clear central vision but also smooth peripheral vision. This helps them easily switch between different distances and directions as they navigate through life.

Our visual needs evolve as we grow older.

Anatomical and physiological changes of the eyes can lead to different visual challenges over time. No matter how young or old your patients are, they must deal with the visual strain that has become part of their modern lifestyle. In addition, their visual needs also change with age. This can be attributed to three key factors:

  • A decrease in the amplitude of accommodation.
  • A change in pupil diameters – increasing for growing children and decreasing when we age as adults.
  • Kids and teenagers differ in age-specific facial anatomy and morphology resulting in changing parameters of wear to consider in the lens design.
    Two young people, a woman with long brown hair smiling and a boy with curly black hair wearing ZEISS SmartLife glasses and looking at their phones.

    A superior portfolio addressing the visual needs of eyeglasses wearers today.

    The complete SmartLife® lens portfolio from ZEISS is a response to these relevant patient insights and extensive research. Whether your patients need single vision lenses, progressive lenses or something else, our solutions will help all eyeglass lens wearers keep up with the times

    • Easy and simple to dispense
    • Gives your patients wide fields of view and all-day visual comfort for their dynamic visual behavior in a digitally immersive world, no matter their age or visual challenge.
    • Provides ease of viewing and relaxed vision at all distances and in all directions with proven high-quality vision.
    • ZEISS SmartLife lenses adapt the lens designs to changes in vision, as the wearers age.
    • The portfolio now also includes ZEISS SmartLife Young to cover the specific visual needs of teens and children from as young as 6 years.

          Introducing SmartLife Young

          Powered by the age-specific parameters of growing children.

          • Smart Dynamic Optics by ZEISS
            Kids and teens have a shorter near vision distance (7.5-12 inches) than adults which is related to their age. ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Young lenses are adapted to this unique visual characteristic of children.
          • Luminance Design® 2.0 technology by ZEISS
            Pupil diameter changes as a child grows. ZEISS Luminance Design 2.0 technology incorporates these changes in pupil diameter to provide the best optical performance.
          • Dynamic AgeFit® technology by ZEISS
            This technology uses the changing facial anatomy of a growing child in the lens calculation.

          Proven patient satisfaction with ZEISS SmartLife lenses.

          • 84%

            of wearers experience all-day comfortable vision.1

          • 81%

            adapt to their lenses within 1 day.1

          • 98%

            would recommend these lenses to their friends and family.4

          The innovation behind ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology. Incorporated in all ZEISS SmartLife lenses.

          • Icon showing a circle with three arrows symbolizing smart dynamic optics.
            Smart Dynamic Optics

            State-of-the-art 3D object-space-models and new design fingerprints adapted to today’s dynamic visual behavior create a smoother transition between all viewing zones. The design also incorporates an adapted 3D object-space-model for growing children in ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Young lenses.

          • Icon showing an eye and an arrow, and an arrow pointing upwards symbolizing age intelligence.
            Age Intelligence

            SmartLife® lenses by ZEISS consider the evolution of vision needs at every stage of the patient’s life and allows for the addition of age-related optimization parameters:

            • ZEISS Luminance Design 2.0 technology – Takes average light conditions and the age-related pupil diameter of the wearer into account.  
            • ZEISS Dynamic AgeFit technology – for ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Young lenses only. Designed according to growing children’s age-related facial anatomy.
            • ZEISS Intelligence Augmented Design (IAD) technology – this technology is used to optimize the lens to the wearer’s personal visual behavior and requirements specifically for the range of ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3 lenses (available as single vision, digital and progressive lenses).
          • Icon showing three arrows next to each other symbolizing clear and thin optics.
            Clear and Thin Optics

            The ZEISS promise of precision and lens aesthetics with the best balance between optics and thin, light lenses.

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