ZEISS Light Progressive Lenses

ZEISS Light Progressive Lenses

Because every patient deserves the best vision.

The ZEISS Light progressive lens portfolio is a member of the ZEISS Progressive Lens family and brings the essence of ZEISS Progressives to your practice by focusing on the main needs of patients who want good lenses at an affordable price.

  • Comfortable vision at all distances
  • Easier migration from other lens designs
  • Wide near zone for enhanced reading experience
  • UV protection in a clear lens

ZEISS Light progressive lens portfolio at a glance

The following table shows a complete overview of the ZEISS Light progressive lens product family and the benefits for the patient:

Light Dx
Light Hx
Light Vx


Optimized Power Profile

Optimization of the corridor to create a smooth transition from distance vision to closer objects, minimizing the wearer’s head movement.

Binocular Optimization

Optimization for improved spatial perception and reading.

Digital Inside® Technology

Optimization of near zone for better reading on digital devices

Optimized Boundaries

Optimization of all the areas to ensure wider intermediate and near


Optimization for the wearer’s fitting height to virtually eliminate frame style limitations.

S (14 mm)

L (18 mm)

S (14 mm)
M (16 mm)
L (18 mm)


ZEISS Light offers a comfortable dynamic experience that promotes easy adaptation


The ZEISS Light Digital Inside technology provides patients with natural head and body posture when reading, clear focusing on hand-held devices and relief from digital eye strain. With Optimized Boundaries, ZEISS Light offers a comfortable dynamic experience that promotes easy adaptation. Modern Position of Wear Defaults enable even more wearer comfort as modern frame sizes are considered as an element of the lens design.

Digital Inside Technology from ZEISS

Digital Inside® Technology

Mobile devices have radically altered our lives by making our eyes work harder than ever before. Traditional eyeglass lenses were not designed for how we use our eyes today. The result is often Digital Eye Strain, with symptoms including headaches, blurred vision, and tired eyes. ZEISS developed our unique Digital Inside technology to provide your patients with:

  • Natural head and body posture when reading
  • Easy, clear focusing on hand-held devices
  • Relief from Digital Eye Strain

Optimized Power Profile

Traditional Progressive lens design

Traditional Progressive lens design

By using a standard power profile, these lens designs often don’t match the natural declination of the wearer’s eyes. Declination means the vertical path of the eyes inside the lens when they move from looking over the far distance to objects which are in the near zone. As a consequence, the lens wearer has to adjust the position of his head frequently which leads to permanent and uncomfortable movements.

ZEISS Light design with an optimized power profile

ZEISS Light Design with an Optimized Power Profile

With the Optimized Power Profile, a perfect match between the natural eye declination and the dedicated zones of the lens can be created. This leads to a smooth transition from distance vision to objects in the near zone, thus also minimizing uncomfortable head movements and provides the wearer with rapid adaptation to the new lens.

Innovation behind ZEISS Light Lenses Technology explained.

  • ZEISS Clear Optics

    ZEISS Precision for sharp vision thanks to high precision gained from advanced eye-modelling research, with point-by-point calculation and advanced freeform production.

  • ZEISS Digital Inside Technology

    This technology enables relaxed and sharper vision during frequent usage of digital devices. This rapid transition to the near zone allows patients to view digital devices with minimal head/eye movement.

  • ZEISS UVProtect Technology

    A higher level of UV protection, which enables clear ZEISS lenses to block harmful UV rays up to 400 nm. This is the same standard of UV protection premium sunglasses provide.

  • ZEISS Thin Optics

    ZEISS lens aesthetics for the best balance between optics and thin, lightweight lenses.

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