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Your vision is our passion Power your practice with support from MyZEISS Business.

  • Practice support, tailored for your success
  • Grow your practice with advanced technical solutions
  • Service beyond expectations

A strong business ally.

Now and in the future.

We understand how dedicated you are to your business and your patients, and we want to support you, every step of the way. But why choose ZEISS? ZEISS is a foundation with a strong culture of research, progress, fairness and sustainability.  This culture is extended to all our alliances and affiliations, which means we are committed to helping you create an exceptional patient experience and thriving practice.

ZEISS is dedicated to supporting you as an eye care professional and to helping you deliver the ultimate vision care experience to grow your business.

Collaboration, now and in the future.

The world is changing fast and unfortunately, it doesn’t always make life easy for eye care professionals. It’s tough to stay competitive with online sales and low pricing. Your customers now have the ability to instantly find a number of options and lower priced alternatives. But offering the lowest prices doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll attract new or loyal customers. You need to offer a service experience that sets you apart. At ZEISS, we understand your challenges. That’s why we don’t only support you with innovative lens solutions and optical equipment but also with comprehensive services that are available 24/7.

We want to ensure that you and your team are fully equipped with the right tools and skills, ensuring cost efficient processes, easy purchasing and an unparalleled reputation, making you competitive.



Centralized digital support for your practice

Everything in one place: with MyZEISS you can access everything you need for your business in one place – training, product information, marketing, ordering, account management, pre-exam tools and much more. We are there for you, helping you to face everything that comes your way.

Marketing toolboxes

Easy access to downloadable marketing materials.

Step-by-step guides on marketing. Easy downloadable marketing materials, social media posts, store videos and POS content, campaigns and much more that will enable you to promote your business, service offerings and ZEISS premium products.  All of  these tools are at your disposal to make your business more visible.

Professional education and training.

We support interactive and entertaining online training content with practical relevance in the fields of optical science, products, sales, and communication skills.  We offer interactive and entertaining training content with practical relevance in the fields of optical science, products, and sales and communication skills. As well as continuing education through industry leaders.


Online ordering platform

Easy, fast, intelligent: the modern way to order lenses. Place your orders online – regardless of your operating system.

The switch to VISUSTORE® and use of the new ZEISS online ordering system are free of charge.

We’ll give you the support you need to set your practice apart.

ZEISS vision solutions are designed to take your practice to the next level. We support practices around the world, so we can help you find the best sales options for your specific market.

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