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ZEISS Vision Care at a glance

ZEISS Vision Care develops and produces technological instruments and products for the entire eyewear value chain. This includes the development, production and distribution of high-quality eyeglass lenses, diagnostic instruments and holistic business solutions. Everything we do is centered around the sustained success of our customers and helping people around the globe to clearly see the world around them with all its detail and beauty.

US Headquarters
Hebron, Kentucky


  • Research sites in Germany and Australia.
  • Global Rx labs, production of photochromic, semi-finished, stock and sunglass lenses in America, Europe and Asia.
  • Regional Rx labs on all continents.
  • Global distribution centers in the USA, Germany, Mexico, China and Hungary.
  • Regional distribution centers on all continents.
  • Regional and local delivery centers in over 50 countries.

Facts and figures

  • 2000

    ZEISS customers at the 2019 Seeing Beyond convention.

  • >200

    ZEISS Vision Centers independently owned and successfully operated by customers.

  • 400 nm

    Sunglass-level UV protection in all clear ZEISS lenses for more patient protection.

Creating value for today & tomorrow

Everything we do is centered around our customers’ sustained success.

Your success is our ambition.

Building long-term partnerships is one of our most important goals. That’s why we want to work with eye care professionals like you. Because your needs, your patients’ needs and how you do business drive the development of our products and business solutions.

All our offerings and innovations serve the sole purpose of making ZEISS customers – eye care professionals, purchasing groups, eyewear brand manufacturers and optical chains – more successful.

High-impact innovations.

ZEISS is an inherently inquisitive and inventive company. Every day, we continue to challenge established conventions. Our innovations are focused on exceeding the needs and desire of both ordinary & extraordinary people. We develop breakthrough solutions with tangible benefits that are easy to explain and easy to use.

Innovations like ZEISS UVProtect Technology, ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses, ZEISS ClearView Single Vision Lenses, instruments and platforms such as the ZEISS i.Profilerplus and apps like “My Vision Profile” have received multiple awards – not only for their design and technological excellence, but also for user-friendliness.

The ZEISS brand

Perspective of standing on the moon surface and looking towards the earth.

More than a logo.

We truly believe that the ZEISS brand name can serve as a point of differentiation in your practice. As the pioneer of scientific optics and an industry leader across all our optical business segments, ZEISS has been challenging the limits of human imagination for over 175 years. There are countless fascinating stories connected to ZEISS that bring our brand to life and inspire the world.

Visualization of EUV lithography.


EUV lithography is the key to the nanotechnology of tomorrow. The one-of-a-kind Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology from ZEISS enables leading chip manufacturers to project structures up to 4,000 times thinner than a strand of human hair onto silicon wafers. These increasingly smaller and more powerful microchips – made possible with ZEISS technology - are the foundation for microelectronic innovations, used in nearly every digital device today.

Close-up view of the Canadian $100 bill, showing a ZEISS microscope among other things.


The ZEISS logo exemplifies unparalleled precision and is associated with experts in various scientific fields across the world – among them more than 35 Nobel Prize winners.

This image of the Canadian $100 bill is a great illustration. The microscope depicted here, is based on a Carl Zeiss Axioplan 2 imaging microscope used for cutting-edge health research. In this case it symbolizes Canada’s long-standing commitment to medical research and innovation. Can you spot the ZEISS emblem? Can you think of another company who’s product & logo feature prominently on a country’s currency?

Total view of the moon.


When the goal was set to send a man to the moon, many companies helped make this dream come true. ZEISS in particular, played a major role in this great endeavor. ZEISS camera lenses, specially designed for use in space, captured the iconic images of this monumental achievement on July 20, 1969.

Did you know that almost all of the cameras & lenses from the various moon missions are still on the moon?

Close-up of a doll face wearing a breathing mask.


We strive to foster a continuous dialogue with our customers and pride ourselves on being partners they can turn to for professional support. One example of this is the collaboration between Hossinger Kunststofftechnik and ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. The goal: To help premature babies breathe on their own.

Pumping oxygen enriched air into a 400g premature baby requires intricate, precise, and miniscule technologies, manufactured to the highest standards. That’s why Hossinger approached us. And so the ZEISS O-INSPECT, a multi-sensor measuring machine, was developed to give Hossinger engineers the confidence to treat premature babies.

Older woman wearing refraction glasses.


As a company wholly owned by a foundation, social responsibility and business success have been inextricably linked for over a century.

The Aloka Vision Program, founded by ZEISS, makes vision exams and eyeglasses available in rural, underserved areas across India. The program is not a charity but a sustainable social business which addresses the root causes: a lack of vision care infrastructure and a shortage of eye care professionals. By involving and training local caregivers to conduct eye tests, this initiative not only provides thousands with better vision, but also uplifts local communities.

Creating value for tomorrow: the future with ZEISS Vision Care

Seeing beyond - for our company, our customers and our planet.

Partners in sustainability

ZEISS Vision Care teams in development, production, logistics, service, IT and sales are working every day to support our communities and conserve our precious resources. Whether by providing eye care solutions to help people see better – regardless of origin or financial - or by investing in solutions which reduce our carbon footprint & waste, ZEISS is constantly looking for new ways to protect our planet and its people.

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