ZEISS Sun Protection and Outdoor Lens solutions

ZEISS Sun Protection and Outdoor Lens Solutions

An extensive sunglass portfolio answering your patients‘ needs.

The range of fashionable and functional colors and treatments available from ZEISS covers special outdoor applications. Additionally, it provides patients with maximum sun protection and enhanced visual contrast.

All ZEISS sun protection lenses provide reliable protection against UV radiation.

  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Reduces light intensity and glare
  • Provides specific solutions to different needs

Market research revealed: Patient needs and use of sunglasses show three major trends.

  • 87%

    of patients use sunglasses for casual events, formal occasions and to look fashionable.1

  • 45%

    of sunglass wearers also wear sunglasses for driving.1

  • 79%

    of patients wear sunglasses for outdoor activities.1

ZEISS Urban: The perfect combination of premium protection and style

Your patients wear eyeglasses for more than just protection. They see it as a fashion accessory that makes a personal style statement. Every patients wants optimum protection and to look good at the same time – which is why sunglass-level UV protection is standard in all ZEISS lenses.

  • Vast range of tints – with solid tints, gradient tints and three Skylet colors.
  • Wide variety of mirror coatings including DuraVision® Flash coating.
  • ZEISS PhotoFusion X – clear self-tinting lenses.

ZEISS Drive: Give your patients a clear and sunny road ahead.

The answer to every driver’s needs. These lenses ensure clear vision in medium to high light intensity conditions.

Safety and comfort with:

  • Over 99% polarization efficiency.
  • The ultimate daytime driving lens: ZEISS DriveSafe with  Polarized Lenses.

Compared to traditional sunglasses lenses, Skylet® polarized lenses display higher transmission in the light spectrum range in which the eye is particularly sensitive (V λ = 555 nm). Although it has the same level of light reduction as other lenses, patients will experience brighter vision through Skylet® Lenses. At the same time, it provides protection against glare.

ZEISS Active: Sport lenses for unlimited vision, to fuel your patients’ ambitions.

Full eye protection and performance with:

  • Functional tints: for specific activities and for extreme light.
  • A stylish look with the DuraVision® Mirror UV active colors.
  • Reduced edge thickness with Cosmetic Edge® Technology for ZEISS Sport Lenses.

Innovations behind ZEISS Sun Lenses Technology explained.

  • Cosmetic Edge® Technology

    Technology reduces the edge thickness by up to 30% in high prescription/minus lenses.2

  • UVProtect Technology

    A higher level of UV protection, which enables clear ZEISS lenses to block harmful UV rays up to 400nm. This is the same standard of UV protection premium sunglasses provide.

Why UV protection is so important

It is well known that sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation that damages the skin. However, few people know that UVA and UVB rays are also harmful to the eyes. These invisible rays can penetrate the eyes where, in the worst case, it can cause photokeratitis. This fortunately rarely happens, but it does not make wearing suitable glasses any less important.

When looking into sunlight, visibility is often compromised, which can be dangerous under certain conditions. While your patients are driving or participating in outdoor sports, they rely on optimal vision at all times.

Direct sunlight and changing light conditions can also be challenging for other patients. Sunglasses with special sun protection lenses or outdoor lenses will help the wearer to squint less, and can possibly reduce tearing. Eyewear with tinted lenses is also a must-have fashion accessory for many.

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  • 1

    GfK 2015 | OMO Optical Monitor Winter Trends 2014/15 March 1, 2015 – Simone Cornelsen, Giampaolo Falconio Source: Yougov Omnibus research, Feb 2015.

  • 2

    Depending on the shape, size, lens power and centration data, compared to standard ZEISS Sport lenses.