ZEISS Single Vision Lenses

Serve your patient’s needs with our wide range of single vision lens designs.

Each and every ZEISS Single Vision Lens is designed with a focus on visual quality, appearance, and comfort. Whatever single vision lens your patients need – you’ll find a solution in our family of single vision lenses.

All ZEISS Single Vision Lenses come standard with sunglass-level UV protection.

  • All-day relaxed and comfortable vision

More than Single Vision, the ZEISS Single Vision Lens Portfolio

Whether myopic or hyperopic, you can now offer patients high-quality single vision prescription lenses with optimal clarity and comfort. While our standard products surpass basic requirements, our customized corrective lenses further ensure maximum comfort in all visual situations. Our lens products are available in a wide selection of indexes, including standard plastic, Trivex, Polycarbonate and High Index. ZEISS DriveSafe Single Vision are designed for excellent comfort and better vision on the road , while ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision lenses are tailored for a connected and on-the-move lifestyle. Discover the ZEISS product that best suits your patients‘ individual needs.

Why did ZEISS develop single vision lenses?

  • 75 %

    More than 75% of prescription eyeglass wearers purchase standard single vision lenses.1

ZEISS SmartLife Single Vision Lens Technology

Today’s single vision lenses are usually optimized for one distance only — usually far vision. However, this is an outdated and out of touch model. This is because our increasingly connected and on-the-move lifestyle has had a profound impact on our visual behavior. Understanding this behavior in single vision lens wearers is crucial. ZEISS SmartLife Individual SV optimizes the lens for far-to-near distances. Furthermore, for the first time ever in a ZEISS single vision lens, a 3D object-space model was used to create the next generation of single vision lenses. The new ZEISS SmartView Technology optimizes the single vision lens design for sharp vision in all distances, especially when we lower our gaze to focus on near objects, like smart phones.

Available in: Plastic 1.5, Polycarbonate, Plastic 1.6, Plastic 1.67, Plastic 1.74, Trivex 1.53.

ZEISS Finished Single Vision

Finished single vision lenses from a trusted and well-known brand. A wide range of finished single vision lenses are available. These lenses include sunglass-level UV Protection up to 400nm. ZEISS ClearView Single Vision Finished lenses offer on average a 3X larger area of excellent vision clarity. They are very thin and very flat without optical compromise.

Benefits of ZEISS Single Vision Lenses

Optical performance in the lens periphery is designed for frequent changes of head and eye position driven by the way we interact with our hand-held devices while on the move. The new design provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur. It facilitates peripheral vision with a more natural dynamic interaction.

  • Better sight at night: ZEISS Single Vision Lenses are available with i.Scription® technology for even greater contrasts and color intensity.
  • Access to leading edge technology: e.g. the most durable ever ZEISS coating DuraVision® Platinum UV as well as self-tinting PhotoFusion X lenses.
  • Better vision and a larger range of products; products – from conventional to totally individualized – to serve all wearer needs.

Innovation behind ZEISS Single Vision Lenses Technology explained.

  • ZEISS UVProtect Technology

    A higher level of UV protection which enables clear ZEISS lenses to block harmful UV rays up to 400nm. This is the same standard of UV protection as premium sunglasses.

  • Blue Light Protection

    For good looks on- and offline, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses have up to 50% less reflectionof digital blue light compared to ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect coating.

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  • 1

    SWV Strategy with Vision, World, Lens and Frame Demand Study, 11 Sep 2016

  • 2

    For good looks on- and offline, ZEISS BlueGuard Lenses have up to 50 % less reflections of digital blue light compared to ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect coating. Source: Inhouse measurements and calculations based on the DBRLED (Digital Blue Light Reflection) metric. Analyses by Technology and Innovation, ZEISS Vision Care, DE 2020