The Mark of Quality.

ZEISS Eyeglass Lenses.

Completely invisible to the wearer. Visible only at an angle under light.

For over 176 years, the world’s finest quality lenses and precision optics have carried the ZEISS name.

ZEISS lenses now carry a meticulously engraved laser etching of the ZEISS logo. This discreet ZEISS brand engraving in the upper temporal corners is completely invisible to the wearer and only noticeable upon close inspection. Now your patients can better appreciate the superlative precision and quality of their ZEISS lenses.

Frequently asked questions on the ZEISS Brand Mark

  • ZEISS is putting the logo on its lenses for several reasons. First, it is a visual representation of our brand, its premium quality and history. Patients tend to understand premium frames but have a harder time understanding why they pay more for premium lenses unless they are branded. Second, the brand mark is verification that the patient received the lens brand they actually purchased in the store.

  • With significant investment in research and development, ZEISS has created a state-of-the-art, proprietary micro-engraver. This surpasses the capabilities of traditional eyeglass lab engraving methods. Taking innovation a step further, ZEISS has successfully implemented this groundbreaking technology across the entire US Carl Zeiss Vision lab network.

  • Yes. Accurate box measurements, particularly the B measurement, are required at the time of order to receive the brand. Otherwise the logo will not be aligned correctly. While we do receive frames on fully finished orders, they do not arrive soon enough in the process. Without a B measurement at time of
    order, lenses will not receive the ZEISS brand on them. The ZEISS proprietary engraving technology is specially designed for ZEISS and requires a very complex implementation in the lab.

An investment in quality you can see.

Lenses that initially will be included, as well as requirements for engraving:

  • ZEISS-branded freeform lenses (progressive and single vision)
  • ZEISS-branded semi-finished progressives
  • Frame box measurements must be received at time of order, especially "B"
  • Lenses produced at Carl Zeiss Vision-owned labs only

Current exclusions:

  • Conventional single vision lenses
  • Conventional bifocal, trifocal, and similar lenses
  • Orders without frame box measurements
  • Drill-mounts
  • Glass lenses
  • Special lenses that include magnetic “clip on” sun lenses

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