ZEISS Sport Lenses

Unlimited vision to match all your patients' outdoor activities and challenges.

Whether it’s used for leisure activities or performance sports, ZEISS Sport Lenses are a great choice for your patients. In extreme outdoor light conditions, these lenses give protection from the elements and still provide excellent dynamic vision.

  • Available in functional tints
  • Stylish looks, improved appearance
  • Sunglass-level UV protection

The ideal choice for improved clarity and performance.

When it comes to prescription sport lenses, protection and performance are key. Lenses should provide protection from the elements in extreme outdoor light conditions and still provide all-round clarity for excellent dynamic vision.

Sport lens options available. :

  • DuraVision® Mirror UV active colors
  • Wrapped lenses with Cosmetic Edge® Technology
  • Polarized Lenses

Market research revealed Patient needs and use of sunglasses show three major trends.

  • 87%

    of patients use sunglasses for casual events, formal occasions and to look fashionable.1

  • 45%

    of sunglasses wearers also wear them for driving.1

  • 79%

    of patients wear sunglasses for outdoor activities.1

ZEISS Active Sun: Sport Lenses for unlimited vision to fuel your ambitions

Full eye protection and performance with:

  • Performance tints: for specific activities and for extreme light.
  • A stylish look with the DuraVision® Mirror UV active colors.
  • Reduced edge thickness with Cosmetic Edge® Technology for ZEISS Sport lenses.

ZEISS Active: Sport Lenses for unlimited vision to fuel your ambitions


ProGolf Lenses not only reduce the intensity of bright light, but they also enhance contrast perception through the selective absorption of specific wavelengths. This means that, even with constant transitions between light and shadow during the game, the golfer enjoys optimum visibility. They can see any unevenness or bumps in the course more clearly than with traditional sunglasses.

Color example of the ProGolf lens tint.
Color example of the ProGolf Gradient 75/25% lens tint.

90% light absorption for extreme light conditions

Offer your patients sports lenses with over 90% light absorption to provide the best protection in extreme light conditions (for example on glaciers).


Skylet® Polarized Sport – Dark brown sun protection lens with 90% light absorption. This lens can be used for driving, but it is recommended for dazzling light and glare, e.g. on glaciers, in high mountainous areas, on water and for flying. Very dark brown tint.


Skylet Polarized Fun – The brightest Skylet® lens with 70% light absorption. Driving is possible, but the lens is particularly suited to inclement weather conditions where visibility is hazy, e.g. skiing, gliding, hiking or water sports. Aesthetically attractive, orange-brown tint.

Color example of the Skylet® Sport lens tint.
Color example of the Skylet® Fun lens tint.

DuraVision® Mirror UV active colors: the active leisure look.

Wrapped sunglasses are functional and stylish and provide your patients with protection from all sides against UV exposure and elements such as wind, glare and water. For a trendy touch, add one of the four active DuraVision Mirrors:

  • DuraVision  Mirror Green

  • DuraVision  Mirror  Red

  • DuraVision  Mirror  Silver

  • DuraVision  Mirror Strong Blue  

Offer the DuraVision Sun UV anti-reflective coating on the inside of the lens to provide your patient with the ultimate finish for even better visual performance.

Color example of the DuraVision Mirror Green.
Color example of the DuraVision Mirror Red.
Color example of the DuraVision Mirror Silver.
Color example of the DuraVision Mirror Strong Blue.

ZEISS Sport Lenses

Lifestyle and sports frames often require something extra.

Wrapped frames require special prescription lenses. These frames protect patients from lateral glare, UV light and wind. This confronts the eye care professional with a special challenge:

  • The extreme tilt of these frames changes the perceived perspective.
  • Using traditional lenses cause aberrations and distortions that impair vision.

The optimum solution

ZEISS Sport Lenses provide optimum optical correction for all wrapped frames, ensuring that aberrations are a thing of the past.

Technology for ZEISS wrapped lenses, complete with DuraVision® Sun UV, turns the challenge of extreme conditions into a fun activity.

ZEISS Sport Lenses
Visualisation of the ZEISS wrapped lenses with a close-up look of the Cosmetic Edge® Technology.

Wrapped Lenses with Cosmetic Edge® Technology.

  • ZEISS Cosmetic Edge Technology reduces the edge thickness in minus/high prescription lenses by up to 30%.2
  • Choice of frames: there's a fit for every frame thanks to very large lens diameters, variable decentration and flexible base curve selection.
  • Excellent peripheral vision due to a fully-compensated optical design.
  • Tailored lens designs from single vision to progressives, with great compensation for aberrations caused by lens tilt.
  • Shaped to keep light and elements from entering the eye at all angles.
        An image of a man wearing sports wear and sport lenses while running down a road.

        Availability of ZEISS Sport Lenses:

        • ZEISS Precision Portfolio, Digital, DriveSafe and Single Vision Lenses are also available in the Sport Lens design.
        • The available design, index, diameter, Rx ranges and coatings for ZEISS Sports ranges can vary significantly from standard designs.
        • For full details, please consult VISUSTORE or your ZEISS Business Development Representative

        Innovation behind ZEISS Sun Lenses Technologies explained.

        • Cosmetic Edge® Technology

          Technology reduces the edge thickness by up to 30% in high prescription/minus lenses.2

        • UVProtect Technology

          A higher level of UV protection, which enables clear ZEISS lenses to block harmful UV rays up to 400nm. This is the same standard of UV protection premium sunglasses provide.

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        • 1

          GfK 2015 | OMO Optical Monitor Winter Trends 2014/15 March 1, 2015 – Simone Cornelsen, Giampaolo Falconio Source: Yougov Omnibus research, Feb 2015.

        • 2

          Depending on the shape, size, lens power and centration data, compared to standard ZEISS Sport lenses.