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Clever Gift Ideas for Eyeglass Wearers

From the perfect case to stylish accessories: our gift ideas are guaranteed to include the ideal present for every eyeglass wearer.

16 October 2020

Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, a little reward for the young ones or a present for a special event - there are plenty of occasions and opportunities to give a gift to eyeglass wearers. But which glasses case is the right one? And how do you recognize a good ultrasound cleaner? Did you know how wide the choice of accessories actually is? BETTER VISION reports on gifts that will put a smile on the face of any eyeglass wearer.

A good case is like a safe for spectacles - only more attractive

A good case is one of the basic items that every eyeglass wearer needs. How would you like a customized case to meet your personal taste? An imprint or engraving with a loving dedication or the initials of the recipient can turn a glasses case from an everyday object to a great personalized gift.

There is also a huge choice of colors, shapes and materials, meaning that anyone can find their perfect case with ease. From lightweight cases made of felt, leather, cotton or silk, to extra strong hard-shell cases like precious wood or metal. There are also cases with special retaining clips for attaching to clothing or special self-adhesive eyeglass cases that are perfect for keeping in the car, with an adhesive strip to attach at any position and open with a push of a button. This allows the glasses to be conveniently taken out and replaced.

Whatever style you choose, you should make sure that the inside of the case is sufficiently cushioned on both sides. This absorbs impacts and provides optimum protection for the glasses. You might also want to consider a special case for sports glasses which has additional space to keep accessories in or, if needed, a case that is waterproof.

Tip for choosing the right size eyeglass case: we recommend taking precise measurements, particularly for eyeglass frames which are a bit larger when folded, – too little space in the case can be critical.

State of the art technology to prevent dirt: an ultrasound bath ensures a clear view at all times, not just for those who don't like cleaning their eyeglasses

Just place the eyeglasses in the bath briefly and the lenses and frame come out perfectly clean and streak free all over. The ultrasound waves inside the bath cause gentle vibrations that effectively loosen any dirt and scaling. The benefit of this: the ultrasound waves even clean spots that are impossible to reach with a cloth. Ultrasound baths are convenient to use and produce excellent results, plus tests have shown that quality units from leading manufacturers are available from around 25 dollars. Tip: products are often sold as ultrasound cleaners but only use vibrations. When buying you should make sure that the bath really does use ultrasound technology (refer to the packaging) as is the only way to achieve optimum results. A practical gift for every eyeglass wearer, particularly when combined with a compact travel cleaning set. Did you know that this kind of ultrasound bath can also give jewelry and watches a shiny new look?

See better and look better - stylish accessories that make everyday life easier for eyeglass wearers

Additional visual aids are available for a better view, including reading magnifiers and lights, a sun protection clip for rapid attachment to glasses and all kinds of attractive fashionable extras. Attaching pins and clips in various designs not only provides practical everyday assistance by securely attaching your glasses to your jacket, belt or blouse; but they add a fashionable touch to your outfit as a brooch or accessory. Special eyeglass chains are also available in a huge range of styles and designs. The principle behind them is simple and practical; at the end of each accessory is a small ring through which you attach the folded glasses using one of the temples. This means that the glasses are securely attached to your body at all times when you're not using them and can be put back on as required. This is useful for reading glasses for the latest page-turner in the evening, or professional situations when you need to take your glasses off frequently.

Tip: eyeglass straps made of a special material (like neoprene) are ideal for those involved in sports, as they provide a secure fit at all times and do not slip even when you are sweating.

A delightful gift for eyeglass wearers who enjoy walking or travelling is a special telescope, allowing them to enjoy all the details of nature and scenery. They are easy to use, as telescopes for eyeglass wearers can be adjusted precisely to the owner's vision and can also be used with or without glasses on.

Ultimate glare protection for winter or summer sunshine: good sunglasses protect the eyes at any time of year.

When it comes to sun protection, there are plenty of gift options for eyeglass wearers - whatever the season. Prescription sunglasses provide comfortable vision and added safety, when driving or skiing for example, as do tinted sun protection clips for attaching to a pair of glasses. They can be the ideal solution if the person doesn't want to carry spare glasses around with them. There is a huge range of sunglasses to suit every taste - from classic stylish designs to a sporty look to distinctively fashionable. The variety of models and options covers every possible requirement.

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