Driving Innovations with a Deft Touch

Production & Manufacturing at ZEISS

Industry 4.0 needs people who want to make an impact. Operating a heavy CNC lathe while also maintaining an accuracy of 0.02 µm. Oils and displays, clean room and conference room. The working day of our colleagues in Production & Manufacturing connects the analog world with the digital future. A challenge for people with a steady hand, a keen eye and an understanding for innovative processes.

Polishing for Digitalization
Lady of the Rings
ZEISS is definitely the jackpot for me!
A place where robots hum and innovations are born
I can always contribute my ideas and help shape the future.
A focus on bringing ideas to life
BWCon Hightech Summit

Virtual Open House @ ZEISS

From corporate research and software development to production: at the Virtual Open House @ ZEISS, different departments will introduce themselves in various sessions – and show you what your future at ZEISS could look like! The sessions give you the option to become familiar with the teams' projects and of course, the people behind them.


ZEISS is technology. ZEISS is optics and innovation. We develop, manufacture and sell highly innovative products and solutions for our customers in a variety of business fields.

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
  • Industrial Quality & Research
  • Medical Technology
  • Consumer Markets

Job Offers

Production & Manufacturing

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