Ingrid Carballo

Hands-on troubleshooting makes the job interesting

Ingrid is a lead technician at ZEISS Vision Care. She ensures the correct coatings are applied to eyeglass lenses by overseeing the robots which wash the lenses and apply the coatings. She also inspects the lenses after the coatings application to ensure the process has been flawless and troubleshoots any problems. She enjoys this part of her job as she finds it the most interesting – working with the machines to figure out how to solve the issue and keep her yields up.

Working together to overcome challenges

Ingrid says her biggest and most common challenge is keeping her yields stable on the production line. If there is a problem, such as lenses having defects, scratches, or resin drips, she has to troubleshoot it to fix the problem as quickly as possible to keep the production line going. It can be stressful as when machines are down, their yields can lower. But being part of a collaborative team ensures her success.

"I enjoy working in the lab – it’s more hands-on. If the machine is down, you have to go touch it and work with it to see what’s going on with it. You get to move around. Moving from one place to another – I like that part of my job. I don’t like sitting down. There is also critical thinking involved – which makes it more of a challenge."

"I like my team and we rely on each other when we have problems. We help each other. If someone needs help, another will help them or I will help them. I find the work environment to be very collaborative and supportive. Being a good team player is important for this job. If one of my team members needs help, we can multitask and help."

Being a good team player is important for this job. If one of the team members needs help, we multitask and help. I like my team – it’s what I like the most about this job.

Ingrid Carballo, Lead Technician

A place to build a lifelong career

Ingrid has been with ZEISS for eighteen years. She started in quality inspection and then moved into the coatings lab after eight years. In her many years with ZEISS, she has found it to be a good company.

"ZEISS has always been good to me. They take care of their employees. The company is very patient when you’re new. It can be overwhelming in the lab your first time. There is so much going on. But the training is very good. And working together as a team helps new employees to succeed. There is also opportunity to try new things and to move up. I have job security and lots of opportunity to grow."

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