Ann McCafferty
Ann McCafferty
Ann McCafferty

I love sharing stories of how our products help surgeons and patients

Ann is the Director of US Marketing of Visualization & Surgical Oncology, in Dublin, California. She has devoted the better part of her professional career to improving the quality of people’s lives through medical device marketing.

Ann McCafferty

"I love sharing stories of how our products help surgeons and patients."

Working with physicians over the years has fed her passion for helping people. She loves sharing stories with her family of how ZEISS products help surgeons and patients to maximize their health and quality of life.

What makes the role so interesting, is that she never knows what new challenges and tasks are awaiting her each morning. Her marketing team manages a wide range of market segments and product portfolios, and the diversity of the sales channels ensures that they are reaching the right customers.

Ann McCafferty

"What makes ZEISS special are their market-leading products."

She rejoined ZEISS after 4.5 years of absence. What drew her back was the brand, market-leading products and an exceptional team culture. This is what makes ZEISS so special for her.

“Every morning I kiss my family goodbye and head to the office with the knowledge that I’m having a direct impact on improving surgical procedures and therefore the lives of patients all across the US”.

Not only do our products include the latest technologies and advancements, ZEISS does it consistently better than other competitive companies.

Sharing Stories

"The first word that comes to my mind when I think of ZEISS is ‘quality’."

Ann is amazed by the variety of ZEISS technologies that we all use on a daily basis. ZEISS products are impactful as well as an essential part of her daily life. ZEISS lenses help her read the news in the morning and it’s a ZEISS lens that takes her picture at the airport customs counter as she travels abroad.

“If you want to work for a company that not only produces some of the best medical devices, but pioneered many of those systems, ZEISS is the place to be.”

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