Lianto Moeljo

ZEISS Helps me Unleash my Potential

Lianto is currently working as an Application Specialist and Service Engineer at ZEISS. He provides an end-to-end solution for a ZEISS semiconductor product.

When a customer requests a solution, he needs to consider their needs not only from an equipment perspective (hardware), but also from a customer perspective (software UI).

The main goal is to be customer-focused.

"We are making history"

He treats his customers almost like friends. By helping and providing them with the solutions they need he feels that their business relationship gets stronger too.

ZEISS enables him to unleash his own potential as he is very much involved with all processes in regards to the customer and the device. His outgoing personality and ability dealing with all kinds of different people fits well to the service and support role. His natural curiosity keeps him always keen on learning new things.

There’s a lot of communication and interaction between the customer and himself as well as interactions with the location in Jena, Germany. Managing customer expectations and project management at the same time is challenging but also very interesting for him.

I am always keen on learning new things.

Lianto Moeljo, Application Specialist and Service Engineer

His Day

Communication is vital: he has team group meetings, weekly headquarter calls and regular customer conference calls. He often meets with the customers at the office, of course there is paperwork that needs to be done, but also keeping the tools up and running is important.

What he also loves is to check if a team member needs any further assistance. Together as one team they grow their skills along with the challenges their customers are facing and provide them the best possible solution.

He loves hearing people talk about ZEISS, and them saying “yes, I know ZEISS, the quality is so good!”

It makes him proud saying that he is part of the #teamZEISS. For him it’s easy to explain, that “what we’re working for is purpose and quality! Whatever innovation our customer is producing, ZEISS takes part in that and together we are making history.”

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Job openings and applications

The different business units and the central corporate and service functions at ZEISS offer a large number of career options for all disciplines.

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