Michael Wiebelt
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I love solving problems and finding solutions

As a Senior Sales Effectiveness Trainer at ZEISS I train all sales reps joining our company and also help the wider team, by teaching my colleagues about new products when they are launched.

Michael Wiebelt

"The customer drives us the most."

We ensure that our sales reps are well-equipped learning about the tools as well as the soft skills to professionally deal with the enquiries of our highly skilled customers. I am field-based, meaning I enjoy having lots of flexibility defining my work schedule: Partly I am working from home, partly I am on site with our customers. I am also travelling to relevant trade shows in different countries, often alongside new colleagues or customers.

I especially like communicating with different kinds of customers showing them the value, workflow and efficiency of our products and technologies. I want to ensure that our sales reps gain the product knowledge they need being prepared for the field. That also includes excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Michael Wiebelt

We work as one big team and one big company!

Michael Wiebelt

Senior Sales Effectiveness Trainer at ZEISS
Michael Wiebelt

"I love solving problems and finding solutions."

Sales comes with all sorts of learning and growth opportunities. How individuals tackle challenges often makes the difference between success and failure. I support our colleagues to develop the necessary sales and interpersonal skills to achieve the best results. We as a team also learn a lot from each other’s experiences and selling techniques. I am very excited working as one big team and one big company! In the sales success of my colleagues, I can see the impact of my work on a day-to-day which makes me personally very happy and proud.

Michael Wiebelt

I would like to address the new hires and give them the confidence learning about our products and way beyond. If you start working with ZEISS, we support you. The company cares about its employees and wants them to feel self-confident and secure.

Personally, I am always approachable for my colleagues’ questions, they can always reach out to me. Not only because it’s my job, but because I really believe I can help them as I went through the same learning curve myself as a newcomer.

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