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ZEISS at the 2020 Virtual ESCRS & EURETINA Congress

ZEISS Introduces New Solution Enhancements for Procedure Workflows at ESCRS and EURETINA

1 October 2020

Jena/Germany | Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

ZEISS presents its new solution enhancements to help doctors maximize clinical efficiency and improve patient care - from assessment, diagnosis, to treatment. The latest digital solutions from ZEISS are simple to set up, simple to use, and provide amazing insights across the full spectrum of care.

  • The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with Central Topography and the CT LUCIA® 621P/PY help optimize the way cataract surgeons work.
  • With more than 3 million SMILE® treatments worldwide, the ZEISS LVC portfolio creates well-proven alternatives to commonly used procedures, enabling surgeons to provide efficient projectable decisions and results with tools such as the ZEISS Nomogram Service.
  • The future product, FORUM® Cloud Viewer, will help doctors review their patients’ data from anywhere, anytime, and collaborate with their colleagues for a second opinion.

“ZEISS is excited to showcase why we continue to be one of the leading ophthalmology companies in the world and the only company that can support diagnosis, treatment and management across the full spectrum of care,” said Euan S. Thomson, PhD, President of Ophthalmic Devices and Head of the Digital Business Unit for Carl Zeiss Meditec. “ZEISS is also investing in digital solutions to capture and integrate data across clinical workflows to help doctors understand how that data can be used to improve clinical decisions and provide better patient outcomes.”

  • IOLMaster® 700 with Central Topography (CT)

    IOLMaster® 700 with Central Topography (CT)

  • CT LUCIA® 621P PY from ZEISS

    CT LUCIA® 621P PY from ZEISS

  • ZEISS Nomogram Service

    ZEISS Nomogram Service

  • FORUM® Cloud Viewer

    FORUM® Cloud Viewer

Optimizing the way cataract surgeons work

ZEISS is providing technologies and services to surgeons to enhance the cataract procedure with regards to efficiency, cost effectiveness and simplicity, while maintaining established standards and ensuring excellent patient outcomes. ZEISS has one of the largest portfolios in the industry, covering all workflow steps with high-quality products and services connected through a holistic system.

The IOLMaster® 700 with Central Topography (CT) allows surgeons to gain additional information and detect visually relevant asymmetries on central corneal shape with the standard ZEISS IOLMaster 700 measurement, without needing extra measurements, extra hardware, or extra time. The new IOLMaster 700 with CT also features an update to the Barrett Suite with the True-K TK formula allowing up to 12 percent more post-myopic LASIK patients to be within ±0.5D compared to the classic K calculation formula.1 The update also includes ZEISS EQ Mobile cloud connectivity so doctors can access IOL calculation reports on their mobile device and transfer surgical planning data via the cloud to the operating room.
“Scaling and hues of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with Central Topography are optimized for easy and intuitive cornea checks,” says Dr. Douglas D. Koch, MD, a co-developer of the Central Topography software feature. “I am amazed at how much information we get from Central Topography.”

As an additional workflow enhancement, the CT LUCIA® 621P/PY with unique ZEISS optic design is he new-generation aspheric monofocal c-loop IOL in the hydrophobic ZEISS portfolio. The patented aspheric optic design of the ZEISS CT LUCIA device mitigates against potential decentration issues while still providing excellent visual outcomes. It also comes in a new and improved fully preloaded injector that promotes an easy and safe cataract workflow.

“The ZEISS optic of the CT LUCIA 621 makes the lens more forgiving, or less sensitive, when it comes to decentration,” said Dr. Andreas F. Borkenstein, MD, co-founder of Borkenstein & Borkenstein, Private Practice at the Clinic of Kreuzschwestern Graz, Austria.

“ZEISS is offering cataract surgeons and patients an improved surgical experience with innovative solutions such as the IOLMaster 700 with Central Topography and the CT LUCIA 621,” says Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec. “We’re excited to showcase the entire cataract workflow at ESCRS, demonstrating our commitment to providing customers with a better way of working, so they can provide their patients with specialized care every step of the way.”

Growing the refractive surgery business with one of the most comprehensive LVC portfolios

ZEISS offers one of the most comprehensive Laser Vision Correction portfolios in the industry, including PRK, LASIK, minimal invasive lens extraction with SMILE® and a treatment option for presbyopic patients with PRESBYOND. The ZEISS portfolio creates a higher vision standard for everyone while enabling surgeons to grow their business and provide broader choices and a viable solution in refractive surgery to any eligible patient.

As the first provider of refractive treatment with minimally invasive lenticule extraction, ZEISS celebrates a new milestone with more than 3 million treated eyes with SMILE®, accelerating SMILE® treatment market penetration – together with more than 1,100 clinics worldwide. ZEISS has also finished enrollment for its multicenter hyperopia SMILE® study for CE certification and has eight sites enrolled for the MEL 90 IDE clinical trial in the U.S.

“In Romania when we say that something is "ZEISS", it means that everything works perfectly! We have a long history working with ZEISS technology and this was the foundation on which we created the PREMIUM market in my country,” said Dr. Andrei Filip, MD, PhD, FEBO, cataract and refractive surgeon, and senior ophthalmologist at Ama Optimex Eye Clinic in Bucharest, Romania. “Since we added SMILE and PRESBYOND to our ZEISS portfolio our business is booming, and now we are able to find the right solution for every patient's lifestyle. This is every doctor's dream, isn't it?!”

A recent enhancement to the corneal refractive workflow is the ZEISS Nomogram Service. Nomograms can improve the predictability in Laser Vision Correction, which can lead to higher post-operative uncorrected distance visual acuity (UDVA) and has a direct impact to patient satisfaction. The ZEISS Nomogram Service supports the refractive surgeon in generating their own personal nomogram. The service includes counselling about data requirements, help with data collection, data analysis and analysis debriefing.

Advancing disease detection, management and treatment

By combining high performance OCT and Ultra-widefield imaging solutions with smart software from ZEISS in their retina workflow, specialists can evaluate retinal conditions, visualize management pathways, enhance precision and comfort during surgery, and use integrated data insight to create a better follow-up experience for patients. For early detection and optimization of glaucoma management, doctors can identify glaucoma suspects early, aiding in diagnosing glaucoma, and analyzing trends of disease progression for better glaucoma management using standard-of-care devices throughout their workflow.

When it comes to managing data throughout the clinical workflow, FORUM® eye care data management was one of the first ophthalmic data management systems on the market based on the DICOM standard and has changed the way small- and medium-sized practices, as well as hospitals and large clinic groups, approach disease management with its integrated data-driven clinical workplaces. The future product, FORUM® Cloud Viewer, will be offered on a flexible subscription basis, tailored to the practice needs. It will help doctors access their patients’ data easily and quickly from anywhere, as well as support doctors in delivering better patient care through secure sharing of complex cases with their colleagues.

ZEISS will showcase new solution enhancements for procedure workflows at the ZEISS Ophthalmic Virtual Experience at the ESCRS and EURETINA Spotlight on October 1, 2020.

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