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Microscope in dentistry: How to get the 300%

Recorded webinar at DDS Global Congress 2021

28 October 2022 · 29 min watch
Dr. med. dent. Tomas Lang
Keynote speaker Dr. Guido Picciocchi DDS, Genova, Italy

Peer-to-peer experience sharing on how dental microscopes help grow your dental practice

Dental microscopes can form the core of your dental practice and let you grow in terms of clinical quality as well as sales and communication.  It is common to think of the dental microscope as an instrument to enhance your vision, which is true, but it also has many other functions.
The first part of our relationship with the patients is the first visit. There, we can give them a first impression, and this is something that happens very quickly and is hard to change, which is why it is very important to be as professional as possible.  
Approaching a patient with better technology than our competitor is a big help. Dental microscopes are a part of this. In addition, patients usually understand what they see more than what we say because they have no clue about dentistry and the size of their problem. [...]
In addition, during our clinical session we have the opportunity to show them what we are doing and to record it for educational or medical-legal purposes.  
But microscopes are not just for endodontics, they are also very important for all our areas: in dental hygiene to check the presence of residual tartar, in restorative dentistry to check the complete removal of decay, polishing of the margins, correct layering of resins, in prosthodontics to check our preparation margins, impression and crowns/inlay-onlay fitting, surgery apex removal, sinus integrity, and much more.  

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