Microscopy Solutions for Oocyte Preparation and Quality
Microscopy Applications for Reproductive Medicine

Microscopy Solutions for Oocyte Preparation and Quality

Assess the Quality of the Oocytes

Before the ICSI or IVF procedure you have to assess the quality of the oocytes, and select and prepare them for the following fertilization process.

Oocyte quality is assessed best via stereomicroscopic investigation of:

  • Oocyte cytoplasm abnormalities such as vacuolization and granularity
  • Zona Pellucida
  • Shape abnormalities
  • Oocyte “Sunburst Appearance” of the surrounding follicular cells

Prior fertilization the outer somatic cell layers (except the zona pellucida) surrounding the oocyte must be removed. The denuding is also done under stereomicroscopic control inside a petri dish. The oocytes are repeatedly inhaled into a denuding pipette until all outer cell layers have been sheared off. Thereafter the oocyte is examined with respect to morphological abnormalities. A constant temperature of approximately 35 - 37.5 °C has to be ensured throughout the whole process of oocyte collection, denudation, and injection. That’s why your dissection stereo microscope can be equipped with a heating stage and fit directly inside the laminar flow box.

Application Images

Oocyte preparation with stereo microscopes for IVF, ICSI, IMSI
Oocyte preparation for IVF, IMSI

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