Fixed Stage Microscope for Patch-Clamp Experiments

ZEISS Axio Examiner

Your Fixed Stage Microscope for Patch-Clamp Experiments

ZEISS Axio Examiner is a fixed stage microscope for patch-clamp experiments on nerve cells and brain slices. With its design optimized for low vibration and generous room for micromanipulation and patch clamp accessories, Axio Examiner enables undisturbed low-noise single-channel recordings.

  • Large fixed stage for full sample access
  • Dedicated optics and various contrasting options
  • Configuration flexibility thanks to the modular design
Large Fixed Stage

Large Fixed Stage

Full Sample Access Even for Complex Setups

Experimental workstations for upright electrophysiology typically involve complex setups for demanding micromanipulation. Access to the specimen space is one of the most important requirements. Large fixed stages offer the possibility of adjusting the microscope appropriately during an ongoing experiment – without disturbing the sensitive experimental setup.
Dedicated Optics Concept

Dedicated Optics Concept

Experimental Flexibility and Contrasting Options

Experiments involving manipulation of the specimen being observed place extreme demands on the objective geometry. Even for a high numerical aperture, a long working distance is required in order to be able to manipulate capillary pipettes. Also, a wide spectrum of contrasting options is required. Optimally integrated and selectively applicable, a perfect adaption of the contrast to the respective specimen can be ensured.​
Modular Design

Modular Design

Tailor the Microscope According to Your Needs

Axio Examiner offers exceptional flexibility in configuring your microscope from four upper bodies, two lower bodies and a large number of different components and motorization options to ideally meet your individual requirements.


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