Routine Metallography: Solutions for Inclusions Analysis of Metals

24 January 2021 · 32 min watch
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Author Andy Holwell Business Sector Manager, Steel and Other Metals
ZEISS Microscopy

Routine Metallography: Solutions for Inclusions Analysis of Metals

Non-metallic inclusions are present in all steels to some extent, becoming smaller in size and fewer in number as steelmaking technology has progressed. Rating non-metallic inclusions validates and grades the steel to international standards and commercial specifications for sale and application in globalized steel markets. ZEISS focuses its portfolio upon automation and ease of use for fast, compliant, consistent inclusion ratings.

Correlative microscopy solutions expand inclusion analysis and insight into the scanning electron microscope, and energy dispersive spectroscopy unlocks quantitative submicron chemical analysis, including for non-ferrous metals. Finally we show how to perform rapid location, relocation and layering of data for greatest understanding, taking inclusion analysis into a smart, connected new dimension.

Key Learnings:

  • Understand the role of software in modern metallography and state-of-the-art optical inclusion analysis
  • See how to increase resolution and analytical power in multimodal microscopy with the electron microscope
  • Explore correlative and connected microscopy solutions which enable the user to layer and contextualize information from multiple modes and data streams

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