Kerr-effect of Nd2Fe14B melted sample, magnification 200x, magnetic domains

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Beyond Electrochemical Analysis

Microscopy Techniques for Battery Research & Electromobility

We cordially invite you to the workshop series "Technologies for the Evaluation of Materials and Components for Electric Motors and Li-Ion Batteries".

Products with electric motors and Li-ion batteries and their components introduce new challenges to the previous testing technology. Get insight into the latest developments.

Join us for this workshop to discuss how microscopy is being used to help tackle characterization challenges in battery research.

  • Li-ion batteries and electric motors - Research and latest materials
  • Challenges in sample preparation
  • Microscopic methods and structural interpretation
  • Microscopy in process control and quality evaluation


We offer this workshop in different venues. Choose your date or location!

The workshop data will be updated regularly. 

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Locations & Dates    
January 31 - 2018 Hochschule Aalen - Germany closed!
February 20 - 2018 Gläserne Manufaktur Volkswagen Dresden - Germany
March 20 - 2018 Deutsches Museum München - Germany  
April 11 - 2018 SICHH Fribourg - Switzerland | Language-English  
June XX - 2018 Graz - Austria  
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