New ISS 3D Model for UNIVIEW

Updated version with extended modules

1 May 2021 ยท 1 min read

    Detail view of new 3D model.

Jena, Germany | 1 May 2021

The International Space Station (ISS) with its orbit around the Earth is a permanent part of the Uniview software. The new version UNIVIEW 3.1 includes an additional 3D model of the ISS based on updated NASA models from 2019. The new 3D model represents the station after its reconfiguration in summer 2015. Thus, components such as Dextre, Leonardo, and others that were not included in the original 3D model are now integrated.

The model is extended by a partial interior view. With the help of a transparency controller for the station model, the interior areas can also be shown from an outside perspective.

The new model is available free of charge to all Uniview users and can be downloaded from the Uniview User Site.

  • ISS interior view

    ISS interior view.