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2 September 2021 ยท 2 min read
  • Shows distributed by ZEISS

    With the redesigned and expanded show websites, it's easy to choose from the wide range of offerings.

Jena, Germany | 2 September 2021

The number of fulldome productions for planetariums is constantly increasing. Here it is important to keep an overview. That's why we have redesigned the pages for our customers. An overview page offers the entire variety of available shows. In addition, selection criteria offer the possibility to filter by themes, languages and available resolutions. The results are displayed immediately.

Each show page provides concise information about the content and show parameters such as the show length, orientation, producer, etc. ("Specification"). The respective trailer or the preview in case of short films allows to judge not only the content but also the stylistic characteristics of the shows. Usually the trailers are shown in fulldome format, in some cases also in classic 16:9 format.

Ask us about the license fees for shows of your interest. Prices are based on several criteria such as the duration of the license, your number of visitors per year, number of seats or resolution. Like the shows themselves, the license fees cover a wide range. We are looking forward to your request.