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Galaxy and Armstrong

30 April 2024 · 3 min read
New Show Spring 2024: Armstrong
Torben Kuhlmann/NordSüd Verlag

Armstrong - The adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon

The small, inquisitive mouse Armstrong is fascinated by space, especially the moon. On a clear night, he observes it with his little telescope and is keen to find out more about it. The other mice claim that it is made of cheese - but Armstrong doesn't believe it. How can he prove that the moon - like the earth - is made of rock? Finally, he sets about building a rocket in his attic to be the first mouse to fly to the moon. Will he make it? And what adventures await the brave little mouse?

Production of the Planetarium Berlin Foundation

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch

Galaxy - A journey through the Milky Way
Planetarium Mannheim

Galaxy - A Journey through the Milky Way

Exclusively at ZEISS! A production of the Mannheim Planetarium.

Join us on a journey through our Milky Way! Together we will fly to places where no one has ever been before. We start at our sun, take a look at our galaxy from the outside and dive into its starry centre. On the way, we will deal with exciting questions: How is a galaxy structured and how does it work? And where do the many stars come from?

In collaboration with the University of Heidelberg and the international research group StarForge, the latest scientific data and simulations have been realised for the planetarium. In this way, our Milky Way can be experienced in unprecedented detail!

Languages: German, English, others on request