Destination Mars

The next giant Leap in human Spaceflight is upon us

1 October 2018 · 3 min read

About this Show:

NASA - and others - have their sights set on the Red Planet, and they’re building the technology to get us there! »Destination Mars: The New Frontier« gives audiences an up-close look at humanity’s most epic endeavor. Explore the work being done around the globe to help make the dream of getting humans to Mars a reality. Fly through the International Space Station, where astronauts are already living and working in space, and follow the rockets and vehicles that will take humans beyond the Moon and, one day, all the way to Mars! Travel along as we imagine this remarkable journey.

Trailer (eng)



30 min

Target Group

all age groups, general public, students


3D animated fulldome video


unidirectional seating


National Space Centre Creative | 2012


English (contact for other languages)

Technical Data

30 fps, up to 4k, non-stereo, 5.1 surround sound


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