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ZEISS VELVET SIM LED The ZEISS projector - The optimal solution for day and night simulation

ZEISS is distinguished by the use of high-quality components with which our experienced developers produce the outstanding features of the ZEISS VELVET SIM LED. The projector's modular design allows the upgrade of new developments.

  • Native contrast of 2,500,000 : 1
  • Optimal gray gradation
  • 10Bit color depth
  • Integrated 10 bit blending
High contrast
Low contrast

Native contrast ratio of 2,500,000 : 1

ZEISS VELVET SIM LED enables projection of a completely black image background without disturbing residual light. With a native contrast of 2.5 million to 1 - the highest on the projector market - ZEISS VELVET SIM LED projectors offer the greatest possible sharpness through clearly defined pixels and optimum image resolution. This allows the system to perfectly replicate reality.

Gray gradation with other projectors
Optimal gray gradation with ZEISS VELVET SIM LED

Optimal gray gradation

The gray gradation is optimal over the entire brightness range. From pristine white to the darkest grayscale, colors are reproduced true to life. Thus, the finest differences in brightness become perceptible during night simulation. The glare areas between the projection channels are free of artifacts even in the darkest scenarios. ZEISS VELVET SIM LED thus ensures total immersion in the projection.

Gradient 8 bit
Gradient 10 bit

10Bit color depth

Another special feature is the 10-bit color resolution for each color on the screen. This ensures the best possible transition between channels and prevents artifacts. Four times as many shades of gray are available compared to standard 8-bit video signal processing. Semi-dark scenarios such as dawn and dusk are rendered more realistically, as artifacts are eliminated, especially in color gradients.

Integrated 10bit blending - other projectors
Integrated 10bit blending - Velvet projector

Integrated 10bit blending

Regardless of the input signal, the blending in the projector is always calculated in 10bit color depth. This always creates artifact-free blending areas between the projection channels. The channel transitions normally visible in dark images are a thing of the past. The interference-prone construction of mechanical shutters in front of the lens exit becomes superfluous. Nothing stands in the way of total immersion in the simulation.



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Image format/pixel resolution

WQXGA / 2,560 x 1,600 native

Display technology

DLP DMD with DarkChip3TM Design: ZEISS True Black Projection Technology

Luminous flux

Up to 2,000 lumen

Contrast ratio,
static (on/off)

2,500,000 : 1

Color rendition

30 bit RGB

Aspect ratio

16 : 10


674 mm x 729 mm x 500 mm


LED-based solid-state lighting for red, green and blue

LED service life

Up to 20,000h


Video: DisplayPort v1.2a digital RGB
Control: RJ45 TCP/IP network

Input voltage

100 – 240 V, 50-60Hz

Power consumption

1000 VA during operation, 30 VA in standby


70 kg

Noise level

Max. 58 db


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