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Improving polarized lenses with new standards of visual perception

LightPro Technology® by ZEISS Sunlens

ZEISS Sunlens  introduces LightPro Technology® a new plano sun lens that offers the benefits of a polarized lens cutting annoying glare, and the depth perception and visual details of a non-polarized lens.

Against glare and reflection: LightPro Technology®

Light reflection

Light reflected from a glossy surface is mostly polarized.

Intense polarized light can be a source of glare and generate discomfort. On the other hand, polarized light helps to provide a natural and complete perception of the surroundings.

Intense glare can be eye blinding and can prevent a good view of the environment, both indoor and outdoor.  

Mild glare and reflection

Mild glare and reflection help to provide a realistic perception of the terrain, such as wet patches or metallic objects on a road.
When it comes to sun solutions against glare, we often think of polarized lenses   for our sunglasses. However, standard polarized lenses are not always ideal:

  • Things can appear too dark
  • It’s hard to view digital screens
  • With a 99% reduction in polarized light, you experience a reduction of contrast perception.

LightPro Technology® plano sun lenses

ZEISS Sunlens has developed LightPro Technology®

ZEISS has developed LightPro Technology®, a new plano sun lens solution that filters only the right amount of polarized light, to cut annoying glare while preserving visual information.

80% higher contrast compared to a standard polarized sun lens with LightPro Technology®

  • Glare is greatly reduced
  • Visual information is still amply available but the intensity is reduced
  • Vision comfort and acuity are ensured
  • Contrast and depth are well perceived

Benefits of ZEISS Sunlens LightPro Technology®

  • Readability of digital screens

    LightPro Technology® also allows for good readability of digital screens such as
    navigation systems, smartphone screens, TV or PC monitors, etc.

  • Not too light or too dark

    Contrast and depth perception are excellent. The range of lens tints offers the right balance of light transmittance: they don’t feel too dark or too light.

  • Visual acuity and depth perception

    Lightweight polyamide sun lenses guarantee sharp vision with superior optics.

  • Lightweight

    LightPro Technology® is suitable for both the sport and the lifestyle/fashion segment since it can be applied to several sun lens tints.

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