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Thermo Force by ZEISS Sunlens

ZEISS developed the ultimate outdoor sunglasses lens which keeps your eyes safe from environmental hazards and blocks 91% of infrared radiation. When you are doing your favorite outdoor activity, your vision is exposed to several threats, such as impacts, irritating glare, dust and electromagnetic waves emitted by the sun. Besides ultraviolet rays, your eyes are also unprotected to an invisible enemy: infrared radiation.

What ZEISS Sunlens Thermo Force protects against: infrared radiations

The sun’s radiation is a continuous spectrum made up of electromagnetic waves with higher or lower energy. Visible light, also known as visible spectrum, is the portion visible to human eye, allowing it to distinguish shapes and colors. The eyes are also exposed to two other kinds of energy: ultraviolet light (UV) and the infrared (IR) rays.

Up to 53% of sunlight is made of infrared radiation which cannot be seen by the human eye but is perceived as heat.

Extreme conditions and excessive heat can be harmful and lead to discomfort for the eyes.

Thermo Force: the ZEISS Sunlens product that keep your eyes safe

ZEISS Sunlens developed Thermo Force, an outdoor sun lens which keeps your eyes safe from environmental hazards. Thermo Force lens differs from a standard polarized lens because it absorbs over 90% of infrared rays between 780 and 2000 nm.

With the Thermo Force polarized lens you get:

  • Infrared protection – stops up to 5X more infrared light than standard polarized lenses
  • Glare free vision – thanks to the polarized filter, for high image definition and contrast
  • Shatter resistance – Thermo Force material molecular structure is higher and more impact-resistant than polycarbonate
  • Total UV Protection
  • Visual clarity – prevents visual fatigue thanks to low haze and high material transparency

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