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ZEISS Sunlens AdaptiveSun

Sunglasses lenses that adapt to changing light

ZEISS AdaptiveSun Solutions are sun lenses based on photochromic properties. They are designed to automatically adjust their colour intensity depending on UV exposure, giving full UV protection and convenience. It is available in several fashionable tints that provide protection in low to high light intensity.

  • Fast changing intensity
  • Durability over time

How do photochromic sunglasses from ZEISS Sunlens work?

From category 1 to category 3 in less than 30 seconds with AdaptiveSun lenses

During the day, we are exposed to different environments, outdoor and indoor situations and light conditions. Some sunglasses wearers struggle with clear, comfortable vision whenever light conditions change, straining their eyes. Sunglasses lenses can either become too dark in the shade on cloudy days, or the colour tone can be too light on sunny days. We have applied technology based on photochromic lenses properties to ZEISS Sunlens AdaptiveSun Solutions, enabling the intelligent adaptation of the lens tone depending on the level of exposure to UV radiation.

Durability over time by AdaptiveSun solutions

Keeping the photochromic lenses properties for colour consistency

In photochromic lenses materials, fatigue refers to the loss of reversibility of the two states. In other words, fatigue is how a lens loses its photochromic properties of fading and darkening in sunlight, over time and usage. The fatigue evaluation is made over a radiation test which simulates the product lifetime.  This test shows almost no loss in photochromic power, meaning the lens tint basically doesn't vary.

The strengths of photochromic sunglasses

  • Fast

    AdaptiveSun plano sun lenses adapt to changing light fast for more convenience: they darken in 24-26 seconds in regular conditions.

  • Dark & darker

    ZEISS AdaptiveSun lenses become very dark outdoor in sunlight for optimum vision at all times: faded state transmission: 60%, activated state transmission up to 11%.

  • Colour lenses consistency

    ZEISS Sunlens AdaptiveSun plano lenses keep their photochromic feature of fading and getting dark over time. It doesn’t lose its properties even after repeated usage.

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