ZEISS Sunlens for consumers

Your sun lenses do more than you think

Thank you for choosing ZEISS sun lenses

The technology behind your lenses stems from ZEISS' passion for optical research and innovation since 1846.
ZEISS has always been committed to finding cutting-edge solutions and sustainable materials to offer customers a sun lens that is the result of the most advanced engineering.

ZEISS lenses are manufactured in accordance with international standards and other more stringent standards are set internally by ZEISS.
They are tested to ensure excellent performance and maximum protection of your eyes from UV rays and atmospheric agents.

In addition, thanks to the knowledge of our color experts, we are able to offer the best combination of tinted lens and treatment suitable for every situation and environment. Whether you need to see the height drops in the snow during a ski day or need to see the ball crisply while a padel match, ZEISS Sunlens can provide the perfect solution.

You can recognize a ZEISS sun lens thanks to the engraved "Z“ on the back of the lens or “lens by ZEISS” printed on the front of your screen goggle..

This mark stands for precision, clarity and durability and the trustworthiness of our 175 years of experience in the optics eyewear and sunglasses industry. It is our commitment to seeing beyond.