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Spectacles for managers – top quality lenses and frames with great customised visual comfort

Respectability, elegance and maximum functionality – spectacles for people in managerial positions have a lot to live up to.

16 October 2019
  • Spectacles for managers – top quality lenses and frames with great customised visual comfort

From a meeting at the desk, checking e-mails on a smartphone, driving quickly to the airport, a customer presentation after a two-hour flight and then back again: along with a mobile phone, laptop and briefcase, spectacles are often one of the most important objects in a manager's daily life. We want to give you tips on what makes manager spectacles state-of-the-art.

Natural vision at all distances thanks to customised progressive lenses

As a manager, you often have to switch your focus back and forth between the near and intermediate vision range. From your PC to a paper document, for example, or from the document to a person. If you need vision correction for close or far ranges and use or are interested in spectacles with progressive lenses, your lenses can be as customised as closely as a tailored suit. Thanks to the new ZEISS technologies, the near vision range in particular can be adjusted to your specific visual requirements. The more customised the progressive lens is to you and your vision and wearing parameters, the more compatible the progressive lenses are. Maximum possible visual comfort can be achieved thanks to natural and relaxed vision with progressive lenses.

Seeing well and looking good

Give yourself time to choose your spectacle frames. Let your optician advise you in depth on which frames suit your personality and your professional activity. Make sure that the frames not only look good, but that they also fit you ideally. Spectacle frames can also be customised. Light frames could be beneficial; after all, you wear your glasses all day. Decide whether you want your new frames to express your personality or simply be as inconspicuous as possible.

The lenses themselves also play an important role in the appearance of your glasses. Attractively thin and light lenses that do not enlarge or shrink the eyes, even with high prescription strengths, are available from just about all modern lens technologies from ZEISS, from prescription lenses to lens coatings.

High-performance coatings for discerning spectacle wearers

Modern spectacle lens coatings can make your glasses a trusted companion at work and play. As a person who is often in the public eye – whether at conferences, in talks with customers or at presentations – a high-performance anti-reflective coating for your lenses is especially important to you. If the lenses have no anti-reflective coating, glare and reflections can distract both the spectacle wearer and the person you are talking to: first, on the reverse of the lens, which could annoy the wearer, and secondly on the front surface of the lens, which is annoying for the person looking at the wearer.

Make things easier by investing in a high quality coating that makes your spectacles antistatic and dirt and water-repellent. Clean-coat and anti-static coatings, which are integrated in the LotuTec high-end coating by ZEISS, for example, make lenses both anti-static and water-repellent. A clear benefit to you: in addition to relaxed visual comfort, it will be easier to clean your spectacle lenses. Greasy fingerprints are also easier to remove.

See better under all light conditions

Constantly having to switch back and forth between your normal glasses and sunglasses can be annoying – especially on business trips. Modern technologies for self-tinting lenses, known as photochromic lenses (such as ZEISS PhotoFusion X) offer rapid switching between darkening and brightening. Under intensive light or solar radiation, they become as dark as classic sunglass lenses and when inside, they brighten up completely. For special occasions, such as skiing, walking or driving, you should still use sunglasses, possibly even with polarising lenses.

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