ZEISS DriveSafe lenses

Made for the road. Great for everything else.

  • A mature women in a car is wearing glasses with ZEISS DriveSafe lenses.
  • Are you 40+ and struggling to switch focus while driving?
  • Feel blinded by the glare of oncoming traffic?
  • Is driving at night or in bad weather a challenge for your eyes?
Your dream driving glasses have arrived. ZEISS Progressive DriveSafe lenses are specially designed for people who spend a lot of time on the road and need vision correction in the distance and up close. Help your eyes switch focus with ease and deal with disturbing glare when driving at night. They’re great for life outside the car as well.

Road, mirrors, dashboard – all in clear focus.

Your eyes need to swiftly change focus between different distances to stay safe behind the wheel. We know that, with age, this can become a challenge. So we developed a special multifocal solution for drivers with presbyopia.
ZEISS DriveSafe progressives are designed to help you switch focus between the road, dashboard and mirrors more comfortably – so you can drive with confidence.   

Night glare, beware.

The glare from oncoming traffic and streetlights can make you feel insecure while driving. For improved vision at night, our special DuraVision® DriveSafe lens coating reflects much of the wavelengths that really bother our eyes. It also makes your lenses more scratch-resistant, durable and easy to clean.
Two images of the point of view of a driver in a tunnel with incoming traffic, showing on one image glare from the car and tunnel lights and one the other image clearly reduced glare.
Two images of the point of view of a driver in a tunnel with incoming traffic, showing on one image glare from the car and tunnel lights and one the other image clearly reduced glare.

Clear vision – come rain or shine.

From dusk till dawn, fog to rain and everything in between. ZEISS Luminance Design technology takes the size of your pupils in bright and low light conditions into account to ensure your DriveSafe glasses perform well – in all kinds of weather.

ZEISS Progressive DriveSafe lenses in action

ZEISS DriveSafe progressives consider how you look through your glasses and what you typically look at while you’re seated in your car. They feature optimised distance and intermediate viewing zones. Still, the near zone is sufficient to perform the close-up tasks that daily life demands. They’re the perfect driving glasses but you can wear them all day.

Proven satisfaction with ZEISS DriveSafe lenses.

  • 64%

    ZEISS DriveSafe lenses reduce perceived glare up to 64%.1

  • 97%

    97% of wearers were very satisfied with their glasses while driving.2

  • 94%

    94% of wearers were very satisfied with their ZEISS DriveSafe lenses for other everyday tasks.2

An illustrated coffee cup and car keys next to a real image of ZEISS sunlenses in brown gradient colour.

Want to make them sunnies?

For additional comfort during your daytime drives, ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are available with an optional tint and polarization filter to limit light reflecting from the road and other shiny surfaces from messing with your view. Just like clear DriveSafe lenses, you can wear them for other outdoor adventures as well.   

Let’s recap.

Why stop now?

Let’s check if you’ve considered all the ingredients to make your ZEISS lenses unique.

With ZEISS Progressive DriveSafe your lens design is covered, but there might be a few more choices to make.   

Your eyes

ZEISS Progressive DriveSafe lenses are great for mature drivers who need help shifting focus between the road, dashboard and mirrors. DriveSafe is also available in a single vision design. Your optician should confirm the right focal type for you.   

Your lifestyle

ZEISS DriveSafe is a lifestyle lens – optimised for people who spend a lot of time on the road, but suitable for all-day wear. If you don’t drive that often, check out ZEISS SmartLife – our most innovative option for a connected, on-the-move life.

Your face & frame

With some additional measurements of your face and frame, we can individualise the vision zones of your ZEISS Progressive DriveSafe lenses – for even better vision behind the wheel. Ask your optician about ZEISS DriveSafe Individual.

Eye protection

Even your clear DriveSafe lenses will come with full UV protection. Add an optional tint and polarization filter if you want high-performance sunglasses for driving and beyond.

Thickness & weight

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are made for a comfortable ride. You can also get them in a material that‘ll make them thin and light. And don‘t worry – they‘re not yellow like some driving glasses on the market.

Durability & care

To reduce perceived glare when driving at night, each pair of clear DriveSafe lenses comes with a special anti-reflective lens coating. Like our other coatings, ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe also makes your glasses scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Any questions?

  • Some driving glasses with yellow or different colour lenses claim to enhance contrast and improve vision at night. But why switch to yellow glasses if you can have clear ZEISS glasses for driving and life outside the car – all in one?

    The optical design of ZEISS DriveSafe lenses is optimised for crisp vision while driving in any type of light while our DuraVision DriveSafe coating help reduce glare at night. With just a slight blue-purple reflection, you’ll look good all day and feel more confident behind the wheel.

    If you’d like, ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are available in a variety of sunglass colours and mirrored polarization options as well.   

  • While you can try to avoid looking at oncoming headlights, adjust your mirrors and make sure your windshield is clean, an anti-reflective coating on the front and back of your glasses is a great way to help improve visibility at night.
    The special DuraVision® coating on ZEISS DriveSafe lenses reduces perceived glare by up to 64%1 – so even driving in the dark can be a little more relaxed.

  • Want the best glasses for driving? We recommend ZEISS DriveSafe of course. Here’s why:

    • ZEISS DriveSafe lens optics are specially optimised for good vision in the car and the need for your eyes to dynamically shift focus while you’re on the road. Still, you won’t have to switch glasses – they’ll give you clear vision all day.
    • They have a special anti-reflective coating to reduce disturbing glare at night and consider how your eyes react to different types of light.
    • While they are available as sunglasses, even clear ZEISS DriveSafe lenses offer full UV protection.   
  • 1

    Glare Test Hella result showed that in 64% of tested subjects the DuraVision DriveSafe coating resulted in less discomfort glare than compared to ZEISS premium AR.

  • 2

    Internal wearer trial (CZV employees in Germany) with 50 subjects, external wearer trial (eye care professionals and consumers in Spain), consisting of 60 subjects, 2014.