Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Light and Good, Healthy Vision in the Digital World

Article first published: November 2021
Last update: February 2023

Blue, high-energy visible light is a much-discussed topic. We've covered a lot of interesting facts and information in the featured story about blue light and its effects on our eyes, our visual comfort, and our sleep rhythm, as well as some of its positive effects. The following article covers an additional list of frequently asked questions about blue light.

FAQ1: What influence does blue, high-energy light have on eye health, vision, and well-being?

The question of whether blue light poses a risk or whether there is nothing to worry about is a topic of intense debate. There is an increasing number of questions such as:
  • Are computer screens really bad for eye health? 
  • Can the use of a smartphone disrupt sleep cycles? 
  • Do lenses that filter or reduce blue light help?

Basically, it comes down to the fact that blue, high-energy light and its effects on eye health and well-being remains a topic that is subject to more in-depth research.

The blue light spectrum borders directly on the ultra-violet range, which has long been established as a health hazard with detrimental effects on biological cells. But the current state of scientific and clinical research suggests that there is no acute risk of retinal damage caused by interior lighting of any kind or by the daily use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. The intensities of artificial blue light from LEDs and screens are far below any currently defined thresholds related to blue light hazards.

Nevertheless, blue light can have an impact on our visual comfort, wellbeing, and our wake-sleep cycle. Read more about that in the main article “Blue Light and Vision”.

FAQ 2: Does more blue light in the home office cause damage to the eyes?

In recent years and months, the way of working has changed drastically for many, and a lot of people had to adapt quickly to a new working environment - especially during the pandemic. For many people, the workplace at home is still not ideal, with most working with laptops, tablets, or sometimes just their smartphones. In this interview, the topic is discussed in more detail with ZEISS expert Dr. Christian Lappe. However, there is no reason to fear acute damage to the eyes from blue light exposure in the home office. As already mentioned, the levels of lighting are, according to current scientific knowledge, far below the limits known from photobiological risk assessment.

FAQ3: Do eyeglass lenses need to offer protection against blue light?

It’s not absolutely necessary to use lenses with a blue light filter when using smartphones, screens, or monitors, as blue light from artificial light sources is not yet known to pose a risk to eye health. But there are good reasons for using such blue light absorbing lenses. For example, in terms of visual comfort and well-being.

FAQ 4: Should gamers or people who work with computers for long hours wear special blue filter glasses?

Those who spend extended periods of time in front of a computer screen and are exposed to artificial blue light for several hours may also perceive negative effects on visual comfort and quality. These people often report symptoms like stress, eye strain, and visual discomfort. Read more about that in the article "Are glasses with blue light filters a good idea for gamers?".

FAQ5: The brightness of a smartphone screen can be dimmed (night shift). Are these setting options helpful?

There are many apps and setting options available for smartphones and screens that are specifically designed to reduce the relative amount of blue light emitted. Despite the scientific evidence, it is reasonable and recommended to dim the light intensity of screens and adjust the overall brightness and color temperature to increase visual comfort and improve overall well-being.

Do you have any other questions about blue light and vision? Then please contact us.

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