ZEISS Vision Care

Press Kits

Bundled Information for Journalists

Are you a journalist, reporter, blogger, or multiplier interested in our ZEISS innovations for a good and healthy vision? Here you will find all of our online press kits in which we present a neat summary of the most important facts on ZEISS innovations in lenses, ophthalmic instruments, digital solutions, and many other topics.

Eyeglass Lenses and Materials

Today, eyeglass lenses do much more than correct visual impairments. The combination of innovative products, new materials, and coatings ensures that spectacle wearers enjoy all-day visual comfort and can cope with all individual visual needs. ZEISS's lenses offer them an optimal visual experience – whether for single vision or progressive lenses, for sports and sunglasses, driving, or for today's digital lifestyle.

Optical Instruments, Tools and the Optical Store

Good and healthy vision starts with diagnostics. That is why ZEISS offers professional optical instruments and tools, as well as modern apps and platforms that can be seamlessly integrated into the workflows of eye care professionals and at the same time improve the shopping experience of eyeglass shoppers.

Corporate Topics

This section features all general topics relating to ZEISS Vision Care. For example, current collaborations and partnerships, awards, everything about sustainability and the ZEISS experts.

Myopia Insights Hub

Knowledge for experts

As a prevalent visual impairment, myopia has become a topic of significant concern worldwide. This hub provides regular updates and valuable insights on this issue – making it a go-to resource for those interested in myopia.