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ZEISS Apps for Eye Care Professionals Honored Twice

ZEISS i-Com mobile revolves around an eye care professionals' dialog with their patients. On top of the red dot award, it has now been honored with the 2015 iF Design


Aalen, 31 March 2015
Eye measurements and vision consultation with ZEISS i.Com mobile is easily controlled via iPad. Eye care professionals have all the data and applications they need at their fingertips. This technology also makes the entire process transparent, understandable and thus a memorable experience for end customers. With the ZEISS i.Terminal mobile, centration data can also be easily gathered via iPad and shown to eyeglass buyers.
"Patients increasingly want to understand refraction and learn about the vision analysis. They want dialog, and they want the experience," explains Dr. Marc Wawerla, who is responsible for devices, instruments and magnifying visual devices at ZEISS Vision Care business group. "With ZEISS Mobile, eye care professionals can better explain and visualize each step, and therefore actively involve patients." The added value of professional consultation is thus clearly noticeable for patients. The criteria of the vision test and lens selection are also more transparent.

Diagnostics, measurement and consultation – integrated and digitized
With this offering, ZEISS has digitized its offering for consultation, measurement, diagnosis and service for eye care partners. While there has long been a series of consultation apps and digital devices for eye care, the ZEISS vision analysis is now available digitally. Everything is easily controlled by iPad and ZEISS i.Com mobile.
"Routine diagnostic tools provided by the Medical Technology business group can also be integrated into the workflow," adds Wawerla. "Whether a digital phoropter, autorefractor or a centration system – eye care professionals can control all relevant processes via the application and explain them to patients."

Using the iPad app, all consultation and measurement data is captured centrally and then processed and saved in a connected database: objectively measured refraction values from ZEISS i.Profiler plus, subjective refraction data with ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 and centration data gathered with the ZEISS i.Terminal 2.
Alternatively, all required centration data can also be documented with the iPad using the ZEISS i.Terminal – simply enter your photo of the eyeglasses worn with the measuring slide from the front and from the side, and the data is collected.

With this training method, ZEISS intends to set a uniform consultation standard for the sales of ZEISS eyeglass lenses and to improve consultation for consumers. The interactive training course was implemented together with CoreCompetence, the specialist for digital learning experiences, and Aalen University.

Digital? It's all about dialog.
The benefits are obvious: eye care professionals steer the measurement, consultation and recommendation for eyeglass lenses centrally via the iPad. "Data handling is therefore simplified. Above all, the sales process is not interrupted because eye care professionals have to disappear behind a device to enter the measurement and centration data. They can fully focus on their patients," explains Wawerla. Patients receive a more personal, direct and informative consultation from their eye care professionals.

Honored twice – for design and functionality
ZEISS i.Com mobile received the 2014 red dot Award in the communications category. This was followed by the 2015 iF Design Award, also in communications. "We are very proud to have received these design awards," states Wawerla. The concept of the ZEISS Retail Experience – known as Relaxed Vision Centers in Germany – is now a part of the digital world. "High precision, modern software and an outstanding design make ZEISS i.Com mobile and ZEISS i.Terminal mobile unique tools in their category for eye care professionals. With its outstanding design, the intuitive application is also a modern ZEISS brand ambassador."


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