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ZEISS Introduces the Next Generation of Photochromic Lenses

ZEISS PhotoFusion X

This Press Kit is a bundled source of information for journalists, bloggers, and other multipliers about ZEISS PhotoFusion X – the new and improved generation of photochromic lenses.

Phototropic lenses have the clear advantage of automatically darkening in sunlight and brightening again indoors. This means that spectacle wearers always have flexible glare protection at hand without having to wear another pair of sunglasses. This background article explains what photochromic lenses are all about.

The new self-tinting lenses from ZEISS are based on an entirely new photochromic system. Learn more about the innovation in the press release and the fact sheet.
The technology and material change in the ZEISS photochromic portfolio has improved the transition speed and tint of the lenses. The base material is also new: ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses are made with ZEISS BlueGuard lens material. This material enables the absorption of potentially harmful and irritating blue light indoors and outdoors. In addition, the light-absorbing ingredients in the material provide complete sunglass-level UV protection in any condition of the lens, whether clear or dark.

To highlight the product's strong dynamic, the new marketing campaign "Performance perfected. Faster clear. Faster dark." uses the metaphor of a parkour and free runner. The interview with Lucas Wilson, model and stuntman, provides some background information on the exciting campaign shoot.

Press Texts

ZEISS PhotoFusion X at a Glance

All you need to know about the new and improved generation of photochromic lenses

Fact Sheet

22 Feb 2022

ZEISS Introduces the Next Generation of Photochromic Lenses

ZEISS PhotoFusion X lenses darken and clear faster while providing a new level of integrated blue light and UV protection

Press Release

22 Feb 2022

Background Article


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