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ZEISS SmartLife

Eyeglass Lens Portfolio Fit for a Connected and On-The-Move Lifestyle

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ZEISS has enhanced its tried-and-true eyeglass lens designs and added some technological innovations to boot: ZEISS SmartLife is a complete premium portfolio for consumers no matter their age. The ZEISS SmartLife lens design factors in our modern connected and on-the-move lifestyle, dynamic visual behavior, individual visual needs, and age. Dr. Katharina Rifai gives insights in how we can measure visual behavior. With the ZEISS Dynamic Gaze Study the ZEISS Vision Science Lab showed that the smartphone has a significant effect on our visual behavior.

One lifestyle for people of all ages requires solutions that go beyond the limits of traditional eyeglass lens categories. ZEISS SmartLife makes this possible. Manuela Weinreich explains, that for eye care professionals, the portfolio approach holds a key benefit in that it caters to most consumer needs with just one solution.

While there are some similarities in the lifestyles and visual behavior of people of different ages, we know that some key parameters will change over the course of our lives. Learn from Dr. Arne Ohlendorf how vision develops during childhood and read in an interview with Dr. Alexander Leube about age-related changes in our eyes.

Press Texts

Modern lens design

Find out how a lens becomes more and more individual

Background Article about ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3

31 May 2023

ZEISS SmartLife at a glance

From single vision to progressive lenses: ZEISS SmartLife is a complete premium product portfolio.

Fact Sheet

14 Feb 2023

ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3: A New Generation of Tailor-Made Lenses

ZEISS uses the latest scientific findings on the visual behavior and visual needs of different age groups to update its premium product portfolios.

Press Release

14 Feb 2023

Clear Vision for Growing Children: ZEISS SmartLife Young Lenses

ZEISS expands its successful premium product portfolio with lenses specially designed to meet the changing needs of children and teenagers.

Press Release

14 Feb 2023

ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology

ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology forms the technological foundation of the entire ZEISS SmartLife lens portfolio.

Fact Sheet

14 Feb 2023

One portfolio for a whole lifetime

To meet the visual challenges of our day, ZEISS researchers have developed a completely new portfolio designed for wearers of all lens types: ZEISS SmartLife.

Background Article about the Development of ZEISS SmartLife

8 Jul 2020

ZEISS SmartLife - a smart portfolio

Three facts which make the eye care professional's life easier

Press Release about Advantages of ZEISS SmartLife

2 Jun 2020

Why now is the right time for a new single vision lens design

ZEISS SmartLife is extending the eye-lens model by a new dimension

Press Release about Lens Design

6 Apr 2020

Taking a fresh look at the smartphone

ZEISS study shows digital companions are significantly changing how we move our eyes

Press Release about Study

17 Feb 2020

New eyeglass lens portfolio fit for a connected and on-the-move lifestyle

The ZEISS SmartLife lens design factors in our modern connected and on-the-move lifestyle, dynamic visual behavior, individual visual needs, and age.

Press Release about New Eyeglass Lens Portfolio

11 Dec 2019

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