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Apps and platforms open up many opportunities to further develop processes make the consultation process more efficient across the entire customer journey and create unique and modern customer experiences. Read on to learn more about ZEISS apps and platforms designed to improve the whole ecosystem around diagnostics, consultation and eye care.

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New ZEISS Online Vision Screening now globally available

Comprehensive vision screening can now check five aspects of vision and recommends eye care professionals close by

Press Release

30 Sep 2021

ZEISS Presents a New Smartphone-Based Vision Screening

When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

Press Release about New Vision Screening

21 Dec 2020

ZEISS VISU360 – Innovative Platform for Remote Eyecare Services

New Opportunities for all Eye Care Professionals

The new digital platform ZEISS VISU360 connects all eye care professionals, including doctors, optometrists and optic...

15 Dec 2020

ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 - Spend More Time on Consultations

New ZEISS platform supports eye care professionals in every step of their daily work

Press Release about Product Launch

11 Jun 2019

The Digital Ecosystem

All you need to know about ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500

Fact Sheet

11 Jun 2019

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The versatile connectivity solution ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 enables individual, technological consultations.
ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 enables individual, technological consultations
ZEISS VISUCONSULT 500 - a platform that supports eye care professionals in every step of their daily work

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