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The most common eye care questions answered

Just put on some glasses and you’ll be able to see well - this is how it works in the best case scenario. It all sounds simple enough, yet there’s a lot of science that goes into producing a pair of glasses. There are so many questions about visual health: Can sunlight damage my eyes? How do self-tinting lenses work? Can I buy glasses online from home? Is blue light from smartphones harmful to my eyes?

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Three ZEISS experts answer the most frequently asked questions. If you are a journalist we will provide you with the videos (also as raw material) for editorial purposes on request. You have specific questions, you want to have answered for your magazin? Please find our contact below. Likewise, if you want to conduct an interview with one of our experts.

Désirée Niendorf

Head of Product Management for Vision Technology Solutions

Dr. Philipp Jester

Head of Global Technology and Innovation - Process Development

Dr. Christian Lappe

Director Scientific Affairs & Technical Communication

Portrait Joachim Kuss
Press contact Joachim Kuss General Topics and Sustainability

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